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Blackview first Android 12 tablet with RAM expansion will hit the market soon

2022-08-06 1085 0

Blackview Tab 13 Android 12 Tablet

Catalog of Tab 13:

  • Part 1: Blackview first tablet with TÜV Rheinland eye preserve certification
  • Part 2: Blackview first Android 12 tablet with RAM expansion will hit the market soon (Current page)
  • Part 3: Longer battery life
  • Part 4: PC Mode and SIMO Internet

  • Blackview has been constantly striving to improve the product experience, from tough mobile phones to regular smartphones, from Android smart watches to tablets, each new product will bring differences to Blackview fans. Thus, Blackview is going to launch a new tablet with RAM expansion technology and powered with Android 12 OS --- Tab 13.

    Blackview Tab 13 not only bring the newest Doke OS and the upgrade battery capacity, but also come with TÜV Rheinland eye preserve certification and RAM expansion technology. Next, we'll talk about the RAM expansion technology on Tab 13.

    RAM expansion

    The latest Blackview tablet flagship, Blackview Tab 13 offers users the unmatched work and play experience with massive upgrades in Efficiency, Safety, Entertainment, and Convenience. On the Efficiency part, the new RAM expansion technology shines out and contributes a lot in productivity and entertainment.

    As apps are getting memory-intensive and more and users are tucking more apps into their tablets, it’s unavoidable that the tablets, especially the small-RAM ones, slow down and fail to blow through heavy-loading multitasking. (Although you have learned how to delete Apps on Android and removed some Apps.)

    The RAM expansion function of Blackview Tab 13 provides an excellent solution by extending its original 6GB of LPDDR4X RAM to up to 10GB, which empowers Tab 13 to effortlessly launch hundreds of RAM-intensive, large-scale 3D hot games.

    When running more apps simultaneously in the background and switching across different apps for multitasking demands, it’s fast and fluid like never without stuttering or lag. Combined with 128GB of ROM and up to 1TB TF expansion, running out of memory never troubles you.

    Newly OS

    Tab 13 flaunts the Doke OS_P 3.0 upgraded from 2.0, inheriting many OS perks and add-ups from the Doke OS 3.0 first seen on Blackview BV8800, including Versatile Desktop, the upgraded Notebook (How to take notes on Android?), the New Weather App, Smart Floating Windows, Pre-Loading and refined animation.

    With Versatile Desktop, Tab 13 users will be able to better organize their desktop by grouping apps, customizing wallpapers or icons with a breeze in an effective and neat fashion.

    The refined Notebook allows users to write down their creative thoughts, inspiring scribble or to-do list all at the same place, while all-in-1 smart floating windows like smart sidebar, minus one screen and control panel help Tab 13 users create convenient access to apps, to important information and shortcuts faster and more easily.

    As for the Pre-Loading, it is a smart feature that can foresee users’ future app-opening operation to shorten the loading time of apps in order to improve average app-launch speed by 7%. Learn more about Tab 13

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