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Newly experience on Tab 13 Tablet: PC Mode and SIMO Internet

2022-08-06 1843 1

PC Mode and SIMO Internet

Catalog of Tab 13:

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  • Part 2: Blackview first Android 12 tablet with RAM expansion will hit the market soon
  • Part 3: Longer battery life
  • Part 4: PC Mode and SIMO Internet (Current page)

  • Blackview has been constantly striving to improve the product experience, from tough mobile phones to fashion Android phones, from Android smart watches to tablets, each new product will bring differences to Blackview fans. Recently, Blackview is going to launch a new tablet with multi upgrades --- Tab 13.

    Blackview Tab 13 not only bring the newest Doke OS based on Android 12, but also come with such as TÜV Rheinland eye preserve certification, RAM extension technology, SIMO Internet, PC mode and more. Next, we'll introduce the PC Mode and SIMO Internet on Tab 13.

    PC Mode

    Blackview Tab 13 is the first tablet that comes with the PC Mode. It provides Tab 13 users with PC or laptop-style interaction by allowing them to open multiple app windows at the same time.

    Unlike common split view support, PC Mode renders the ease to open almost endless app windows simultaneously like on a computer or a laptop, but what makes it unlike a normal computer is that the PC Mode could be activated while not sacrificing screen-touch convenience. Text your friend through chatting apps, browse Quora, reply to work emails and stream videos on Tiktok all at the same time without compromise.

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  • Such ideal versatility could be further improved with the compatible use of a wireless keyboard or a wireless mouse or both at the same time on Tab 13. With the PC mode, the slate can become a handy alternative to laptop and computer for people looking for better portability with less budget.

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  • SIMO Internet

    Ever thought about surfing the Net outdoors without the use of a SIM card? Blackview latest tablet Tab 13 makes it possible by supporting Simo Internet technology powered by SIMO, a company that offers uninterrupted fast mobile Internet access anywhere, anytime by automatically switching to the best available local network among multiple operators.

    tablet for outdoors

    With SIMO Internet Technology, Tab 13 users have no need to purchase a SIM card to access the Internet, they can truly go sim-less after first-time registration on the SIMO app. When traveling to a foreign country, Tab 13 users can avoid the hassle of buying a local SIM card since SIMO already prepares multiple available access to local internet for them. There are no hidden fees, no surprise data charges on mobile bill but flexible data plans for Tab 13 users to choose as they please.

    tablet for travel

    But one thing worth mentioning is that Blackview Tab 13 offers SIMO 1.0 which is only available for users registering from EU countries, U.K., U.S.A, Mexico, Canada and Japan, but they could expect SIMO 2.0 on future Blackview tablets which will bring users in other regions more access to the service. Learn more about Tab 13

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