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Blackview launch BL8800 Series

2022-05-12 438 0

Blackview has always striven to offer an ultimate smartphone solution aimed at combatting the possible damage of water, drops, weather elements, and any other hazardous elements.

Recently, Blackview launch two 5G models - BL8800 and BL8800 Pro. BL8800 is the upgrade version of 4G BV8800 night vision camera phone, adopting 50.0 MP AI main camera and 20.0 MP IR night-sight camera, as well as improved shooting algorithm, provides good capture experience.

Throw in a 90Hz display screen, equipped with powerful 5G chip from MediaTek and 8GB big RAM and 128GB ROM, as well as 8380 mAh massive battery plus 33W fast charge to provide smooth gaming experience and longer-lasting battery life. This also work on Blackview BL8800 Pro.

Different with Blackview BL8800, BL8800 Pro equipped with a thermal camera, is one of the thermal camera phones series of Blackview. These latest Blackview phones will be available in Blackview global phones store, soon.

The BL8800 series is the third 5G model after the BL5000 rugged gaming phone and BL6000 Pro 5G rugged smartphone.

If you are looking for a rugged phone with night vision camera or heat imaging camera, and 5G, and come with higher cost-effective and lower budget than the same level product from other brands, the BL8800 or BL8800 Pro is what you expected.


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