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Do you expecting for a 5G night-sight artifact with best budget?

2022-04-21 204 0

Since Blackview launched the first 4G version night vision camera phone artifact BV8800, it won the focus among so many people from all over the world. Later, another lower budget 4G version night-sight smartphone artifact Blackview OSCAL S60 Pro born in the market.

The main difference of the two new models are hardware configurations such as CPU chip, battery capacity, ROM+RAM, and cameras combination, etc. But powered with the same powerful Doke OS to provide better user experience. Even the lower budget's S60 Pro is also able to meet the needs of most daily use, include the normal games.

As one of the most attractive highlights, night-sight camera provides you a pair of special "eyes" to see something in the dark. The pitch darkness won't hold your photography passion back with the built-in infrared night sight camera. Take clear night snaps on wildlife, scenery, or any moments. Moreover, whether for adventuring outdoor, checking hidden cameras in the hotel room, navigating through the way, whenever it's inconvenient to light on, the camera is ready to help. If you are looking for a practical rugged outdoor smartphone, BLACKVIEW will be your best option.

If you never have a try on experiencing a night-sight camera phone, own one right now, to discover more fun of it. They are available at our global smartphone store. Or, just wait a minute, do you expecting for the best night camera phone artifact with 5G chip and lower budget than the same level product other brands? If so, it is coming soon.

The good but cheap electronics Blackview has produced, don't forget to check out other electronics like Android tablet, regular phablet phones, and durable smart watch, etc., in our store. To pick out the best Christmas gifts or other special holidays gifts for your family.


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