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Refresh Rate: iPhone 13 Pro 120Hz vs BV8800 90Hz vs iPhone 12 60Hz

2022-02-10 95 0

When you use your smartphone to browse information, one thing that affects your browsing experience all the time is the screen refresh rate. What is the refresh rate? What is the impact on user experience? Why do some people choose a phone with a high refresh rate? Why is it so important?

If you often scroll on information APPs, if you have used the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13, then you must be able to deeply appreciate the importance of the refresh rate to the browsing experience. A high refresh rate can provide a smooth browsing experience and reduce visual fatigue. There are three common screen refresh rates on the market nowadays, namely 120Hz, 90Hz, and 60Hz. In order to feel the effects of different refresh rates more intuitively, we have prepared a comparison video of iPhone 13 Pro with 120Hz refresh rate, Blackview BV8800 with 90Hz refresh rate, and iPhone 12 with 60Hz refresh rate for you to watch.

iPhone 13 Pro 120Hz vs BV8800 90Hz vs iPhone 12 60Hz

As you can see from the video, when the refresh rate is above 90Hz, it can provide a relatively smooth browsing experience. Both the iPhone 13 Pro and the BV8800(specs) performed well. We will focus on introducing the new BV8800 recently launched by BLACKVIEW, which has a high cost-effective. In addition to having a high refresh rate of 90Hz, it is also equipped with an infrared night vision camera, an 8380 mAh massive battery and a 33W fast charge, more described below.

Check out the BV8800 unboxing video here.

Like a flash - Blackview BV8800 steps up the game by sporting a 90Hz refresh rate display for an immersive view over the entire fluid screen. Everything looks much smoother and snappier. Big projects can be swiped down without lag.

The Blackview BV8800 is the newest device in the giant-battery rugged phone portfolio from Blackview, which offers ideal devices for serious outdoorsmen who count on extended battery life for reliable connection, navigation, or camera function for capturing adventurous moments and breathtaking natural scenery. But outshining any predecessors from this line, the BV8800 is equipped with high-end specs and features, to name a few, a 90Hz fluid display, 50MP AI quad camera with night vision, to excel in every aspect for an overall flagship experience.


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