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The world's fastest charging smartphone list

2022-08-03 13264 32

With the announcement of Vivo iQOO 10 Pro, the mobile phone fast-charge officially entered the age of 200W. The famous smartphone benchmarking software AnTuTu selected a batch of the top fast charging smartphones to test the charging speed, to get the list of the fastest charging smartphone list.

Fast charging smartphone

Top 10 fastest charging smartphone list from AnTuTu

Test Process

Chargers and Wires: Adopts original brand's chargers and wires in the package.
Charge Tester: POWER-Z KM002C.
Test Environment: 25℃ constant temperature.
Discharge To: 5%.
Charge To: 100%.
Time Unit: Minute

Test Result

As the only one smartphone equipped with 200W wired fast charge in the world, iQOO 10 Pro sits firmly on the champion throne, only take 9 mins 48 s to charge the phone power from 5% to 100%. The runner-up is iQOO 9 Pro, and the last one is Xiaomi 12S Pro.

Below is the fastest charging smartphone ranking list:

  • 1. iQOO 10 Pro ------ 9 mins 48 s
  • 2. iQOO 9 Pro ------ 14 mins 51 s
  • 3. Black Shark 5 ------ 14 mins 53 s
  • 4. iQOO 7 ------ 14 mins 55 s
  • 5. REDMAGIC 7S Pro ------ 15 mins 28 s
  • 6. REDMAGIC 7 Pro ------ 16 mins 47 s
  • 7. Realme GT Neo 3 ------ 16 mins 56 s
  • 8. Nubia Z30 Pro ------ 17 mins 41 s
  • 9. REDMAGIC 7 ------ 18 mins 26 s
  • 10. Xiaomi 12S Pro ------ 19 mins 47 s

  • For those who are looking for the best phone for rough use - the 3 proof phone with water-, shock-, and dust-resistant, here is the best budget fast charging unbreakable smartphone(military grade cell phone) list:

    1. BV8800

    BV8800 is a 4G night vision camera phone with 8380 mAh massive battery and 33W fast charge, the night vision camera can be used as a hidden camera detector to find hidden cameras in the public place like hotel. Or, used to take photos in the darkness. Equipped with Samsung 50.0MP AI main camera and MediaTek most powerful Helio G96 4G chip, it is one of the best mid-range camera phones and one of the best Helio G96 phones.

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    2. BL8800

    Blackview BL8800 is a 5G night vision camera smartphone with 33W fast charge, 8+128GB, 50.0MP AI main camera, and a big battery over 7500 mAh. Support Glove Mode, it is the best low budget alternative of Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro.

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    3. BL8800 Pro

    This is a 5G thermal imaging smartphone with 8380 mAh ultra-big battery (about 3 times of iPhone 12 battery life) and 33W fast charge. Adopts Samsung 50.0MP AI camera and 16.0MP front-facing camera, provides good capture experience. Support taking pictures underwater and Glove Mode, it is another best substitute of Samsung XCover Pro.

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