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How to use underwater mode to take pictures or videos on Blackview phone?

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Blackview ruggedized smartphones help you to take more amazing underwater photos, and bring you more happiness.

Take photos under the water is an interesting thing, to finish the task, we need to own an IP68 phone. Blackview rugged phone(what is rugged phone) comes with IP68 & IP69K waterproof grade, provides you taking photos under the water. Therefore, you can shoot many wonderful moments in the swimming pool thanks to the Blackview rugged phone.

The models like Blackview BL5000, BL6000 Pro, BV9900 Pro, BV9900E, etc., are come with good camera, any one of them will be your best partner when you want to take good underwater photos.

So, how to use the underwater mode of Blackview 3 proof phone? The video and instruction content below are ready for you.

How to use underwater shooting mode?

Below is the Operation Tutorial video on YouTube:

To take underwater photos, you need to use the 'underwater' shooting mode. And this function is built-in the set menu, as you can see in the video, swipe down the screen, and you will see some setting menus, and then swipe the screen to the left, you will see the 'underwater' mode icon, then open it.

Then open the camera, you can switch the mode from photo to video by pressing the volume down key, and start or stop capture photo or video by pressing the volume up key. If you want to exit the underwater capture mode, just press the power key.

Have you learned it? Have a try right now.

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