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How To Use Walkie Talkie on Blackview BV9500 Pro?

2021-10-21 1874 4

Blackview once launched a walkie talkie smartphone, which model is named BV9500 Pro, and it is a rugged smartphone. Although it has been discontinued now, we are still happy to share the video on how to use the walkie talkie function on BV9500 Pro to provide reference for those in need.

Below is the operation tutorial video for watching.

There are some tips or steps you should pay attention:

  • To keep the smartphone's walkie talkie function works well, the UHF frequency range is between 400 MHz to 470 MHz.
  • Installation rotation direction of the intercom antenna: clockwise.
  • Long press the dedicated PTT button(located on the left side of the device) to start to talk. Or use the built-in walkie talkie APP to start to talk.
  • There are 16 default channels in BV9500 Pro for choosing, which include 8 digital channels and 8 analog channels. Users can add or edit channels by themselves, and at most 48 channels can be saved.
  • To talk with another intercom device, the two intercom devices must in the same channel.

Have you gotten the way to use the walkie talkie function after watching the video? Do you like a ruggedized work phone like this? Welcome to leave a message to us.

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