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How to produce a durable device

2021-11-02 266 0

Blackview Dual 5G Rugged Phone BL5000

So many people from the world know that Blackview produces the most durable phones, and offers the most affordable prices, but you may have never seen how they are produced. Right?

These products are very suitable for outdoor lovers and those who lives in a tough life like woodworkers, coal miners, construction workers, truckers, farmers, and so on. Come with tri-proof which include waterproof(like coffee proof and oil-proof), shockproof, and dustproof, and MIL-STD-810G military grade certification. With the most affordable price, meet the needs of their best budget plan.

  • Here is the best high cost-effective drop proof phone list for checking out.

  • Why they are durable? In order to provide you with an intuitive experience, we have prepared some video clips of production testing for everyone to watch.

    [Video] How To Test The Device in The Factory

    Above is the video clips of Blackview BL6000 Pro testing process in the factory.

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