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How to upgrade old BL6000 Pro devices to Android 11?

2021-09-18 3896 22

You can now enjoy the new features of Android 11 by upgrading your old BL6000 Pro device.

Blackview, the world-famous smart device provider, has always contributed to elevating user experience with the OS Upgrade Plan as its one commitment. BL6000 Pro 5g rugged phone is one of the devices to get the upgrades.

In May, Blackview had upgraded its EEA versions with Android 11 OS and over 100 optimizations. After months of preparation, Blackview BL6000 Pro of NEU versions are also available with the new changes. Users with old Android 10 units can make updates via OTA.

BL6000 Pro upgrade OS from Android 10 to 11

However, S1 versions for the Russia area aren’t yet with the upgrades. With new OS features and improvements, the performance is boosted more than ever.

Improved Performance with New Features of Android 11 OS

Coming to the new OS, it's familiar to most Android users. Android 11 OS introduces brand new features that focus on Easier Conversation Management, Smarter Device Control and Enhanced Privacy to deliver a smarter and smoother experience.

BL6000 Pro upgrade OS from Android 10 to 11

Chat Bubbles

More specifically, it provides easier ways to manage the conversations. People can get and keep up with all messages across different apps in one place. Chat Bubbles allows for pining important conversations and accessing that chat anytime while multitasking.

Android 11 Chat Bubbles

Device Control

Moreover, with a more friendly interface, users get faster and smarter controls over the connected smart home devices in one place. The new media controls enable to change the device that the media plays on from the headphone to the speaker.

Android 11 Device Control

Privacy Protection

Furthermore, it gives one-time permissions to limit the access to the device’s microphone, location, and camera to enhance privacy security. And if not used the app for a long period, the permission will auto reset.

Android 11 Privacy Protection

Optimizations Based on Old Android 10 BL6000 Pro

Besides optimized OS smoothness with the updates, the Blackview laboratory has also made over 100 improvements for BL6000 Pro based on Android 10 versions over software and hardware to provide more efficient operation. Highlights include optimizations on screen mistouch, gesture conflict and fingerprint unlock.

Optimizations Based on Old Android 10 BL6000 Pro

Optimized Screen Mistouch

Compared with the old BL6000 Pro with Android 10 OS, the sensitivity of screen touch is moderately reduced to prevent mistouch from accidental presses on the display without sacrificing the recognition accuracy.

Improved Gesture Conflict

Moreover, the updated BL6000 Pro capably recognizes the gestures more accurately and successfully solves the sliding conflicts, offering a conflict-free scrolling, zooming or panning on the touch screen.

Faster Fingerprint Unlock

Another key change will be the improved sensitivity for the fingerprint sensor area. No more trying to unlock the phone several times before making it. Instead people can quickly get it right done with a slight touch.

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  • More Features about Blackview BL6000 Pro

    Since its launch, as the world's first 5G and toughest ruggedized smartphone, BL6000 Pro is reputed among rugged phone(what's rugged phone meaning) fans. IP68 & IP69K & MIL-STD-810G certified, it easily survives in extreme outdoor adventures.

    It performs basic phone functions normally even in a temperature as low as -30°C. Paired with 5G MediaTek Dimensity 800, 8GB RAM and 256GB ROM, 48MP Sony® IMX582 rear camera, 125° ultra-wide camera, 6.36" FHD+ display, 5280mAh battery and NFC and more, Blackview BL6000 Pro totally changes ruggedized phone experience.

    OS upgrades and optimizations will bring the performance to a whole new level.

    For users with Android 10 BL6000 Pro, upgrade it via OTA to enjoy new features and functions soonly. For newcomers expecting for different ruggedized phone performance, click to know more details. Moreover, OS upgrades on more Blackview devices will be followed. Stay tuned.

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