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How to use a phone to see things through darkness without open flashlight

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Can you see things in the darkness using your phone without opening the glow tools on your phone, such as flashlight and screen light? According to your intuition and common sense, you will throw a negative answer immediately, right? But, a kind of special smartphone, which we are going to introduce to you right after the question, will break your cognition.

The night vision phone - the smartphone integrated with a night vision camera - is such a kind of smartphone that can be used to see things through darkness without opening the glow tools on your phone. It plays an important role in some special situations, like outdoor adventure. Besides, there is another very practical uses of the night vision phone. Do you know how to find hidden cameras using mobile phones? Yes, just by using the night vision phone.

How to turn on night vision camera on the phone?

So, how to use the night vision camera? Just follow the steps below:
Take example with Blackview rugged smartphone BV8800.

  • Step 1
  • Open the camera.

  • Step 2
  • Find the 'eye' icon in the left of the interface. It is off by default, with slash on the 'eye' icon.

  • Step 3
  • Tap the 'eye' icon, it will be activated if the slash disappeared.

  • Step 4
  • Done. You can use it to see things in the darkness or find hidden cameras now.

    Interested to get one?

    If you want a 4G version, Blackview BV8800 and OSCAL S60 Pro are worth to get. If you want a 5G version, the 5G rugged smartphone Blackview BL8800 is worth to have a try. These are the best cheap rugged phones(what's the meaning of rugged phone) you can find in the market.

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