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How to Take 360 Degree Panorama Photos

2022-09-22 262 2

Don't hesitate to share the guide, if it is helpful for you.

The best way to take a photo which include more views into the picture before the panoramic mode born, is to use wide angle camera. But the maximum angle that the wide angle camera support till nowadays is 129 degree, if you want to take wider vision photos, it will be powerless. Thus, it is no doubt that the appearance of the panoramic photography technology is good news for photography lovers. With panorama mode, you will be able to take 360 degree photos at a time.

So, how to take panoramic photos? Does it difficult to operate? The answer is, easy. Follow the steps below, to start to experience take a panoramic photo, right now. Tips: If you want to take a true 360 degree photo, it is a little difficult.


A phone with panorama mode & An operator(you)

Step 1:

Tap the camera icon to open the camera.

Step 2:

Find 'panoramic' mode and tap it.
Tips: Normally, there are multiple shooting modes listed in the interface, you need to tap the 'more' option to find it, like Xiaomi and Blackview. But in some smartphones like Samsung, the shooting modes were hided from the interface, just swipe the screen to the right to wake them up.

Step 3:

Get ready to take pictures with comfortable pose. Tap the capture button, if you see there is a small square appear in the button, it means that the panoramic mode is start to work.

Step 4:

Keep moving your phone horizontally from left to right or right to left slowly and smoothly, you will see the gray square in the middle of the screen starts to record the views you shot, and the arrow move in the same direction. The panoramic picture will generate automatically while the arrow move to the end of the gray square. If you want to generate a picture manually, just tap the capture button.

Step 5:

Done. And appreciate your works.

Don't hesitate to share the guide, if it is helpful for you.

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