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Best way to charge your mobile devices while camping

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The best way to charge your mobile devices is by using a smartphone. Yes, you heard that right. You might ask: "How can a smartphone charging other devices? If so, I don't need to take the power bank while camping." Yes, the regular smartphone isn't able to charge other devices, but the reverse charging phone can do it.

This type of smartphone usually adopts a very high capacity battery and equipped with reverse charging technology, thus it can be used as a portable power bank for camping and other outdoor activities, to replace the traditional power bank. This is the reverse charging phone list, for checking out.

The rugged outdoor smartphone is such the device that born for various of outdoor use, with excellent protection ratings against drop, dust and water, and some rugged phones are equipped with revere-charge function, simply charge other compatible mobile devices by using the OTG cable, portable and convenient.

So, which mobile devices are supported for charging? Let's have a look.

Charge other phone/iPhone while camping

Smartphone charge the smartphone. The reverse charging phone is able to charge other smartphone, include iPhone. When your companion's cell phone lost the power, you can give them a hand, since you own a 13000 mAh Blackview BV7100 big battery smartphone, 8380 mAh BV8800 night vision phone, 8380 mAh BL8800 Pro 5G thermal imaging phone, or the 8580 mAh Blackview BV6600. They have three times of the iPhone 12 battery life.

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  • Charge the TWS earbuds while camping

    We do not need to charge the TWS earbuds frequently, since we choose the best budget wireless earbuds with long battery life. But when it needs to charge, you can use the reverse charging phone to charge it.

    Charge your tablet while camping

    Generally, the tablet equipped with a high capacity battery, but when it needs power, the reverse charging phone will give it a hand.

    Charge your smartwatch while camping

    The best outdoor smartwatch with long battery life, cut off the trouble of frequently charge. But when it needs to charge, you can use the reverse charging phone to charge it.

    Charge the game switch while camping

    For senior gamers, they are not allowing the switch to lose power when playing games. The reverse charging phone will recharge it when it needs the power.

    Charge other compatible gadgets

    Other compatible mobile device include Bluetooth speaker, IQOS and more.

    A smartphone can charge so many mobile devices, don't you want to own such a smartphone?

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