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What is Reverse Charging in Mobile

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Maybe you have noted that, there are some smartphones come with reverse charging function in the market, especially in the tough mobile phones (what's the meaning of it?). But what exactly reverse-charge mean? And what is it for? Let's take you to have a look.

What is reverse charging?

The reverse-charge technology is usually equipped in the big battery phones (over 5000 mAh), which support OTG function. These smartphones are equivalent to power banks, are able to charge the compatible devices like cellphone, TWS earbuds charging box, Bluetooth speaker, smartwatch and more. Only requires an OTG cable to connect. It means that the weight can be reduced, thus this is very useful when outdoors. For campers and hikers, they are the best camping power banks to replace the traditional power banks.

Blackview, is such a professional brand of outdoor smartphone, which supplies include reverse charge phone, the best phone for backpacking, the best phone for cycling, cheap waterproof phones for wild underwater shooting, etc.

Since the wireless charging technology widely used, the reverse wireless charge technology is born.

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  • What is reverse wireless charging in mobile?

    So, what is reverse wireless charging? One of the benefits of wireless charging is reduced the wires' uses, users do not need to plug and unplug when charging the devices. Only put the device on the wireless charger, it starts to work. A reverse wireless charging support smartphone is equivalent to a wireless charger power bank. In other words, it is not only a wireless charger, but also a power bank. And, reverse wireless charging do not require an OTG cable.

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