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The advantages and disadvantages of wireless charging

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Do you need a smartphone with wireless charging? Check out the advantages and disadvantages of it.

The wireless charging(click here to check out the wireless charging history) technology of mobile phones has developed rapidly in recent years because it does not need to be connected to a charging cable. However, with the use of the product, people have also discovered many shortcomings. Is wireless charging a charging artifact or a publicity stunt? This will be analyzed from the advantages and disadvantages of wireless charging.

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To talk about advantages, there must be a reference. The best reference for mobile phone wireless charging is wired charging. Compared with wired charging, mobile phone wireless charging has the following advantages:

A stronger sense of science and technology

Wired charging requires dragging a long data cable, which is ugly and has no sense of technology at all. For wireless charging, you only need to gently lean the phone on the charger, and the current will be continuously charged into the phone immediately. Xiaobai, who doesn’t understand technology, though he was doing magic and had a strong sense of technology.

More convenient to use

Wireless charging mobile phones on the market mainly use the principle of electromagnetic induction to achieve wireless charging. There is no interface between the charger and the phone. The mobile phone has a built-in receiving coil, and the charger has a built-in transmitting coil. They charge electricity into the mobile phone through electromagnetic induction, such as the Blackview BV9900E wireless charging smartphone. No matter what brand of mobile phone you buy, as long as it is compatible with the wireless charging standard of the charging head, it can basically be charged. In wired charging, the Android camp generally uses the USB-C interface, and Apple has its own interface.

The interface durability is better

Because mobile phone wireless charging does not require frequent plugging and unplugging of the charging cable, the wear and tear of the data interface of the mobile phone will be reduced a lot. At the same time, the coil for wireless charging of mobile phones is not exposed to the air, which can also reduce the oxidation and corrosion of the charging unit. The wired charging is often plugged and unplugged, which will easily lead to wear and tear, and the interface is exposed, which is prone to oxidation and corrosion.

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  • Disadvantages

    Although wireless charging has many advantages, in actual use, there are also many disadvantages. Compared with wired charging, wireless charging has the following disadvantages.

    The distance is too small, just a transition technology

    Because the magnetic field decays quickly in the air, the wireless charging technology of current mobile phones generally has a very small distance, and the effective charging distance is generally only 3-8 mm. Counting the thickness of the charger + mobile phone case + mobile phone protective cover, mobile phone charging basically needs to be close to the charger to effectively carry out wireless charging. This limitation is destined to be a transitional state of this wireless charging technology. The true wireless charging technology must develop in the direction of “air charging”. If it develops maturely, air charging will completely replace wired charging.

    Can't play with the phone while charging

    Most of the mobile phone wireless chargers on the market are placed flat, and the mobile phone must be close to the charger. In this charging position, it is basically impossible to play with a mobile phone, and you have to use a headset to connect and listen to the phone. Even if Xiaomi built a vertical wireless charger, it could not change this situation. For wired charging, although a cable is tied, it can move freely within a long range of the cable.

    Low charging efficiency

    Although wireless charging can be unplugged, the distance between the mobile phone and the charger is very small. However, the loss of electromagnetic energy is still not small. Generally, the power received by the mobile phone is about 75% of the power transmitted by the charger. At the same time, wireless charging power is generally low, and wireless chargers on the market are generally 15W. A small number of manufacturers have higher fast charging wireless chargers. The wired charging basically has no loss, the charging power is generally 40-50 watts of fast charging, and even a small number of manufacturers’ fast charging has exceeded 100 watts.

    There is electromagnetic radiation

    Wireless charging of mobile phones is carried out by electromagnetic induction, so the charger generates electromagnetic waves all the time. This electromagnetic wave is generally in the frequency range of tens to hundreds of MHz. Although it may not cause much harm to the human body, it is still much more harmful than wired charging.

    The price is more expensive

    Compared with wired charging for mobile phone wireless charging, both the charging head and the mobile phone need to add a charging coil and related protection circuits. At the same time, a high-frequency wave circuit is required to meet electromagnetic compatibility, so the overall price is higher than that of traditional wired charging.

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  • To sum up

    The above are the advantages and disadvantages of mobile phone wireless charging. In general, the advantages and disadvantages of wireless charging technology for mobile phones are now divided in half, which is a transitional technology. Space charging will be the future development trend.

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