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iPhone 12 & Pro battery life test: How many hours?

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It is well-known that iPhone has a good operating system, this can help to save power. Battery life as one of the first consideration options of users, the capacity cannot be lower than their lowest accepted value.

So, as the hot selling products in 2020 from APPLE, how iPhone 12 series performance on the lasting life? Is it really much better than Android? Here is the testing video of battery life comparison of iPhone 12 Pro Max and Android phone ready for you, to reveal to you the answer.

Battery Capacity

iPhone 12 and its Pro version are equipped with a 2815 mAh battery, the Pro max is come with 3687 mAh, and the compare Android model BV6600 is come with 8580 mAh battery.

Battery Life Official Announce

The battery life of APPLE iPhone 12 and Pro 4G version announced in its official website is, up to 17 hours for watching videos, and up to 11 hours for watching streaming videos, and up to 65 hours for playing audios. For Pro max is, up to 20 hours for watching videos, and up to 12 hours for watching streaming videos, and up to 80 hours for playing audios. But after the 5G join in, the battery life will be greatly reduced.

Testing Result

As you can see from the testing video, after the two devices used in the same conditions for two hours, the iPhone 12 Pro Max consumed 21% power, and BV6600 consumed 8% power. Convert to the actual value are 591.15 mAh and 686.4 mAh. If keep working at the same condition, iPhone 12 Pro Max will lose power after at most about 7.5 hours, and BV6600 rugged phone can still be lasting at least about 21 hours.

Whether your device is a few years old or you are simply finding yourself reaching for the charger more often than you'd like, you should consider getting your iPhone battery replaced. Repairing or replacing the battery in an iPhone largely depends on the phone’s model and the source of the repair service. So you better check the possible price range first to be aware of the potential repair cost.

Besides, it can be seen from the power consumption value, the Android system has been greatly improved than in the past, which is much closer to the IOS.

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