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Blackview Updates its BV4900 Series — BV4900s with Android 11 and Better CPU

2021-10-15 1192 0

Remember the BV4900, the phone that is known for its ruggedness and stunning performance? It was launched not long ago and has already won over the hearts of some Blackview fans and became, as what they believe, the ruggedized phone worthy of recommendation.

But Blackview does not stop their steps in providing more rugged phones that could truly meet the needs of Blackview fans and that’s why Blackview is now launching the BV4900s. Although it almost shares the name with the previous BV4900, BV4900s is, after all, not a copy of the former.

What is worth expecting is that Blackview has brought many updates with BV4900s, mainly including a more fluid operating system and more powerful octa-core processor.


Smart Doke OS 2.0 on Top of Android 11 Go OS

BV4900s arrives with double surprises as it sports Doke OS 2.0 with Android 11 GO OS laid on top. Users would experience brand new fluid operating comfort with multiple distinctive apps.

BV4900s is pre-installed with System Manager, Dake Mode, Clone Phone and Customized wallpaper and icons. If having a BV4900s on hands, users would quickly notice that Blackview has offered upgraded versions of Game Mode and App Freezer that perform at least 20 % better than before. As for Android 11, users should experience easier Conversation Management, Smarter Device Control and Enhanced Privacy.

Now All important conversations across messaging apps are in one spot. More than that, with Android 11, users are allowed to keep up with all messages across different apps in one place. Most importantly, Android 11 pays more attention to privacy protection with one-time permissions to limit the access to the device’s microphone, location, and camera.

Smoother Octa-core Unisoc SC9863A

BV4900s draws power from octa-core Unisoc SC9863A. The processor has ARM Cortex-A55 cores divided into two clusters, one that is clocked at 1.2GHz and another that stays up to 1.6GHz.

The processor is packed with generous 2 GB RAM and 32 GB ROM, rendering operation responsive and zippy. Apps load fast without stuttering or crashing in the splash screen. With the help of Unisoc SC9863A, BV4900s is now capable of handling intensive workloads with relative ease.

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    Rugged in All Aspects

    In terms of ruggedness, Blackview has made BV4900s as invincible as BV4900.

    On the front, BV4900s is covered with high-strength Dragontrail glass to resist any scratches and cracks. On the top where the headphone jack sits, a secure external port plug is especially designed for superior waterproofness.

    On the left are the side buttons that are made of aluminum alloy to further prevent breakage. What’s more, all four corners are protected by thickened and jagged rubber in case of drops. Moreover, BV4900s adopted a tightly bonding and sealing unibody design for better water and dust-proofness.

    Statistically, BV4900s can endure water immersion for half an hour (not deeper than 1.5m below water surface), and it also can survive drops from high places (not higher than 1.5m above ground). That renders the phone able to meet the standard of IP68 and IP69K as well as MIL-STD-810G.

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  • Space Capsule-like Design

    Phones that are often short of juice can sometimes ruin outdoor schedules or immersive fun indoors. However, with BV4900s that is equipped with a 5580mAh large battery, users can get almost a day’s worth of usage.

    If users test the phone with continuous web browsing, gaming, video playback or multitasking, they would find themselves reaching for the charger almost at the end of the day.

    Further, BV4900s flaunts OTG cable that easily turns the phone into a power bank, which, for those who are planning to embark on a survivor journey, is surely an indispensable choice.

    Large 5.7 Inch HD+ Screen

    With 18:9 aspect ratio and 720*1440 resolution, BV4900s provides a large screen with extreme clarity and contrast. Colors are vibrant and images are vivid enough as if they were going to pop out from the screen. Switching between areas in the user interface or scrolling up or down menus is rather fluid without latency.

    5MP Front Camera + 8 MP Rear Camera

    Although the cameras aren’t the best smartphone cameras on the market, they actually do better than what users would normally expect from rugged phones at this price point. Photos come out to be quite detailed and clear with ample light and steady hands during travel and daily use.

    Additionally, 8 MP rear camera allows users to get decent quality prints or bright-colored photos with fine hue so that they can be further tuned in a photo editing software.

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