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Doke OS_P 1.0: An OS that can rival Apple iPadOS 14

2021-09-14 9106 114

A good OS make the device running smoothly.

Versions of Doke OS

  • Doke OS 3.0 (Based on Android 12)
  • Doke OS 2.1 (Based on Android 11)
  • Doke OS 2.0 (Based on Android 11)

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  • Apple's operating system is not strange to many of us, and has built good reputation thanks to its smooth experience for several years. The main reason for the smoothness is that Apple's operating system has adopt the so called "pseudo background" mechanism, which keeps third-party apps from running in the background. That is to say, the CPU focuses more on main apps, so it feels smooth.

    At this point, Android is outperformed by Apple. Devices running the Android operating system have to take more RAM to achieve the same result. Fortunately, this is gradually becoming a thing of past.

    With the development of technology, Android system is constantly making progress in every dimension, such as optimized visual effects, improved options for functions, optimized APP restrictions and so on.

    Doke OS based on Android

    Let’s take Doke OS_P 1.0, which is based on Android and rivals Apple's iPadOS 14 (tablet operating system), as an example to show you the new charm of the Android system.

    Doke OS_P 1.0 operating system is used for Android tablets and independently developed by Blackview. Blackview’s products Tab 8 and Tab 9 are both running Doke OS_P 1.0. In following contents, we will conduct an in-depth analysis of its highlights.

    Gesture Navigation

    We bring a brand new gesture navigation, which replaces the previous 3-button navigation, giving a more convenient operation. Of course, if you don’t like it, just select back.

    Comparing with previous 3-button navigation, gesture navigation brings more convenience and more fluid Interfaces.

    • Swipe from the left or right edge of the screen to go back.
    • Swipe up from the bottom to go home.
    • Swipe up from the bottom and pause to get to the multitasking view.
    • Swipe across the bottom to switch applications.
    • Gesture up and towards the middle of the screen to launch Google Assistant.

    Dark Mode

    Dark mode, which has light text on a dark background, is more energy-efficient and reduces eyes strain in dim light at night.

    Grayscale Mode

    White and black mode, also called grayscale mode, turns the device screen into totally white and black . Without the interference of color, your device is more like an e-reader as Kindle and can offer you the best reading experience.

    Redesigned Icons

    Icons and colors of the desktop, settings and control center have been improved to be in a perfect harmony and a renewed unity. You can feel the beauty at your fingertips and the elegance in depth.

    New Desktop And Drawer

    The desktop layout and icons have been redesigned for a more delicate appearance. And we have brought drawer. Of course, if you don’t like it, turn it off in settings.

    New Control Center

    Notification and control center are clearer thanks to the optimized layout, the improved interface, and the rearrangement of functions.

    New Multi-task Layout

    The recent task list now scrolls horizontally instead of vertically, making it more convenient to operate. And we have added apps to the bottom of home screen and optimized the user interface.

    New Clock

    Clock application is more pleasing to eyes with a new interface and a new layout.

    New camera

    The camera comes with more simplified icons and a range of innovations, including shortcut functions at the top of the page, grid line, quick zoom button, and AE/AF lock.

    Phone Clone

    The newly developed phone clone function can clone and transfer all the data (contacts, messages, alarm clock, photos, music, videos, etc.) of the old mobile phone to the new mobile phone easily.

    Cold Room

    The “Cold Room” function can smart clean background processes, stop stealthy running apps, and as a result, boost performance. By putting apps in Cold Room, you stop them from running in the background. And applications in frozen state can be restored anytime.

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  • Conclusion

    After learning about the highlights of the Doke OS_P 1.0, do you have a new impression of Android system?If you are looking for a cost-effective tablet, Blackview Tab 8 SIM+Wifi tablet is definitely a good choice. It is now available at a much lower price than its competitors, such as Apple, Samsung and Huawei.


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