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The history of wireless charging: wireless charging is true without the base

2021-09-14 933 1

Do you know about the history of wireless charging?

Sources: cnbgear . The history of wireless charging: wireless charging is true without the base

Nowadays mobile phones are basically equipped with wireless charging as standard as there are some benefits of wireless charging. As the first big manufacturers to test wireless charging on mobile phones: SONY and Samsung, the evolution of multi-generation products is only a fuss on the power, and wireless charging is still stuck in that small piece. Charging board.

Wireless Charging board

And the wireless charger is not standard, this move will undoubtedly greatly reduce the utilization rate of wireless charging. So tepid in the iPhone 8 era, Apple’s Big Brother began to standardize wireless charging on his machine.

I remember that after the iPhone press conference that day was over, after announcing that Apple supports QI standard wireless charging, the wireless charging manufacturers in my circle of friends all boiled over. Why? They are getting better! Because as long as the iPhone uses a certain function, the peripheral industry chain of this function can really be driven. Because I only used Samsung and SONY in the market before, it was destined to have no good-looking market feedback. But now that Apple comes as standard, should we worry about it being fully rolled out? Facts have proved that as long as Big Brother Apple leads the way, nothing can’t be done.

However, wireless charging has it's disadvantages, many people complain about wireless charging for three reasons:

  • Low power and slow charging
  • Can’t play with charging
  • The charging base must be purchased separately

In fact, Apple’s earlier patents made me re-examine wireless charging. Apple tried to charge the phone in a way similar to WiFi. When it walked into a certain area, the phone would automatically charge. For me, this is the real wireless charging. Of course, the scientific name of this charging method is called near-field charging. As for why it hasn’t appeared on any mobile phones so far.

It is estimated that the technical difficulty is really too great. My personal guess is that the big reason should be: the problem of interference, the size of the transceiver device, and the power consumption of the receiving end have not been solved. To know the wireless nation of mobile phones, we have “cut off” the line, but it has brought more restrictions to the mobile phone. The arrangement of mobile phone antennas should accommodate various wireless communication antennas, Bluetooth, NFC, WiFi, and so on.

Only near-field charging and more distant large-scale wireless charging are the future. Today’s wireless charging is more like a compromise solution. After near-field charging is really popular, the last interface on mobile phones will soon be killed.


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