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Is smartphone's RAM extension same with laptop

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The RAM memory is one of the most important performance indices of the electronic device like laptop and smartphone. Sometimes, our device running slowly is caused by insufficient memory. For desktop PC or laptop computer, the universal way is to add new compatible memory stick(s) or replace a higher capacity memory stick, to extend the memory capacity. But for a smartphone, it can't work in this way.

As a matter of fact, the RAM extension technology has been used on the smartphone for a while, it first appears in such as OPPO, Realme, Xiaomi, and Huawei smartphone. It's just that it's implemented differently than the notebook.

What is RAM Memory Expansion Technology for smartphone?

The RAM Extension Technology that can compress data and save them in RAM to enlarge memory capacity to a certain extent (example, from 4GB expand to 7GB, from 8GB expand to 11GB, etc.). Gives you an edge to open more apps simultaneously and switch between different apps with ultra-smoothness.

In other words, it is not a physical expansion, and also not virtual memory, its actual capacity has not changed, but effect changed. With RAM Extension Technology, a 4GB RAM is equivalent to a 7GB RAM, an 8GB RAM is equivalent to a 11GB RAM. Just like magic.

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  • What smartphone brands used Memory Expansion Technology?

    In addition to the brands mentioned above, Blackview is another smartphone brand that use this technology no long ago. Its first products used the Memory Expansion Technology include A Series phablet phone A55 Pro (4+64GB) and BV Series military grade smartphone BV4900 Pro (4+64GB).

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  • Will RAM Expansion Technology used on a tablet?

    Yes. Some tablet PC brands, such as Honor tablet V7 Pro Series, have been used the Memory Expansion Technology. And Blackview tablets will adopt this technology soon.

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