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Blackview BV8800

2021-12-05 1323 4

A Phone Who Knows You Best

Blackview BV8800 as the upcoming model of BV series, will brings big surprise to outdoor lover users absolutely. It provides many practical features like the BV series phones launched before. From inside to outside, like the military grade, battery capacity, waterproof and drop proof ability, processor, RAM+ROM, camera, and so on. In short, it is a phone who knows you best.

Blackview BV8800 Highlights

50.0 MP camera, 90Hz display, hidden camera detector, 8380 mAh with 33W fast charge, and more.

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Military Grade Certified

Higher military grade certified.

Blackview BV8800's name begins with BV, it belongs to the BV series rugged outdoor smartphone -- come with MIL-STD-810G military grade certification. This certification proved the device comes with tough enough performance, include waterproof, shockproof(drop proof), and dustproof. Even though the MIL-STD-810G is good enough, but there is a higher military grade certification which named MIL-STD-810H. And this Blackview's latest phone Blackview BV8800 will equip with MIL-STD-810H military grade certification. It is one of the best military grade smartphones in the market.

Battery Life

Monster battery phone with 33W fast charge.

Blackview BV8800 as the phone who knows users best, how could it don't be equipped with high capacity battery? This big battery phone equipped with a 8380 mAh massive capacity battery (about 3 times of iPhone 12 Pro Max battery life) and 33W fast charge, provides longer-lasting battery life, and fully charge the device faster.

  • Comparison: iPhone 13 120Hz vs BV8800 90Hz

  • Good Capture Experience

    50.0MP(AI) + 16MP + 20MP(night vision) + 8MP

    Looking for the best value good camera smartphone? Blackview BV8800 doesn't disappoint to you. This phone has excellent performance in taking pictures. The good camera phone is like 48MP pixel's BL6000 Pro, BV9900 Pro and BV9800 Pro, 12MP(same with APPLE) pixel's A100 and BL5000, etc. However, BV8800 adopt with 50.0 MP AI rear camera, 20 MP IR night vision camera(Except used for night shooting, it can also use as hidden camera detector.), 8MP 117-degree wide angle camera, and 16.0 MP front camera, provides good-quality photos whatever shooting in day and night.

    Smooth Experience

    Fastest MTK 4G chip.

    Even those who are looking for the best budget tri-proof phones, they are requiring the devices come with good processor. At least be able to meet the needs of daily use. However, Blackview BV8800 born for providing smooth experience. It equipped with MediaTek fastest 4G chip Helio G96 Octa-core processor, always be ready to provide the ultimate performance for the device.


    Live up to expectations.

    To provide smooth experience, in addition to adopt the fastest MediaTek 4G chip, this ruggedized smartphone comes with 8GB LPDDR4X RAM and UFS 2.1 ROM. What's more, it comes with the most affordable price at such a good configuration.

    Other Features


    Blackview BV8800 will be powered with the latest Doke OS based on the latest Android, to provide better user experience.


    Though 5G phones have been used by the users from the developed cities, in many countries, 4G is still the main network. And this outdoor handset with dual SIM come with 4G network.


    Some users like slim rugged phone, and some users like heavy-duty smartphone, at this point, it is impossible to balance the needs of all users. And this phone is belong to the latter.

    Night Vision Camera

    Equipped with a 20.0 MP IR night vision camera, provides good night shooting experience, and user is able to find the hidden camera by using the night vision mode.

    Screen Size

    Come with 6.58 inches screen. As the popular screen size nowadays, the 6 inch phones are the main character in the market.

    Game Performance

    Does it be like BL5000?

    Blackview BV8800 equipped with MediaTek's fastest 4G chip, and 8GB LPDDR4X RAM + 128GB ROM, meet the needs of most regular games, it may be become the best gaming phone like BL5000.

    Thermal Imaging

    Does it be like BV6600 Pro?

    Will Blackview BV8800 be like Blackview BV6600 Pro comes with heat imaging? The thermal imaging smartphone is one of the featured devices of the rugged phone. There are many interesting uses even in daily life. The answer is, no. But it comes with one of the most practical features -- IR night vision.



    The early bird promotion is coming soon, don't miss the chance to buy BV8800 at super low price.

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  • Write At The End

    Ready to save budget?

    The cheap but good unlocked phones Blackview has created, Blackview BV8800 as an upcoming phone who knows you best, it will be one of the best Blackview phones. What's more, Blackview products come with higher cost-effective than the same level Chinese phones from any other brands.

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