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It turns out that thermal imaging can be played like this in daily life

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Thermal imaging uses in daily life.

After the release of rugged phones with thermal imager Blackview BV9800 Pro and BV9900 Pro, Blackview is launching another new affordable thermal camera phone BV6600 Pro, powered by FLIR® thermal imaging technology, with the ambition to bring an amazingly interesting thermal imaging experience.

There are various heat imaging uses in different industries. While more related to professional applications, thermal imaging doesn’t end there. The list of things you can do in daily life with thermal functions is growing more than you can imagine. And you can explore the unexpected uses with Blackview BV6600 Pro to get the most from thermal imaging.

Blackview BV6600 Pro Unexpected Uses for Thermal Imaging in daily life

BV6600 Pro

  • To shoot funny photos

  • If capturing photos is not enough to thrill you, then shoot wonderful moments and selfies in the thermal style will. Everything that's boring such as taking group photographs when partying will turn out cool and funny. Without any skills, take your imagination and you can be the Van Gogh to make awesome abstract thermal photos to wow your friends.

    To shoot funny photos

  • To find your hiding pets

  • When you get home, your naughty pets may pounce on you to give a welcome-back hug or just hide somewhere around the house like at dark corners, under the bed or behind the cupboard. For the latter situation, it may take a lot of time to find it out, especially for pets small in size such as hamsters. And the thermal camera will help shorten the search time.

    To find your hiding pets

  • To check the indoor temperature distribution

  • Stuck somewhere in the blistering heat at home when without an air conditioner or cooling fan during hot days? Take out BV6600 Pro, see the basic indoor temperature distribution in the living room, bedroom, or the study to spot a relatively cool and comfortable place to sit down and better focus on your work and entertainment.

    To check the indoor temperature distribution

  • To check soil temperature distribution for indoor plants

  • Growing indoor plants takes time and loving care, but more importantly, to know proper temperature and humidity for them. To better manage the plant health, a thermal imager might give some help such as to find an indoor environment with more suitable temperature and monitor the moisture levels in soil to maintain optimal growth conditions.

    To check soil temperature distribution for indoor plants

  • To check whether the food is gone bad

  • Using a thermal camera while cooking dinner might sound a bit crazy, but it spices up the boring routine. BV6600 Pro holds various fun possibilities. You can see if the oil is hot enough for frying or the hamburger is done ready. More interestingly, when shopping at the supermarket, you can check whether the breads or sushis are fresh or spoiled to eat safely.

    To check whether the food is gone bad

  • To see temperature distribution of water

  • You can perceive the temperature of drinks with your hands, but keeping it done with a thermal imager will be more accurate and interesting. Breezily know the surface temperature of the hot coffee, chilling beer and warm baby milk from the straw to the bottle and drink them at a more suitable and favored temperature with BV6600 Pro.

    To see temperature distribution of water

  • To discover potential dangers when going out at night

  • After a day of hard work, it’s a great way to sweat off any exhaustion and sleep better with a night walk or run. However, going out at night also means great uncertainties. You never know whether there’s someone hidden behind the trees preparing to act bad only from your naked eyes. BV6600 Pro enables you to spot something dangerous as soon as possible.

    To discover potential dangers when going out at night

  • To see temperature changes in exercises

  • Many workouts are tailored to target specific muscles or areas of the body. Sometimes you can basically check the effectiveness of your exercise workouts from the thermal imaging camera BV6600 Pro and find which parts of your body are really working hard, which to some extent, helps you to get a more scientific workout routine.

  • To challenge courage and find ghosts

  • For those who are keen on investigating locations that are reported to be haunted by ghosts to track down the spirits, BV6600 Pro might be a helpful tool as it makes the invisible infrared energy visible. Scan the areas carefully to find the abnormalities. Maybe you know there’s nothing about the paranormal, it’s thrilling to enjoy the adventuring journey.

    To challenge courage and find ghosts

  • To check if home devices are prone to fail

  • It's difficult to tell where the pieces of your home appliances are malfunctioning, but a thermal imaging phone will. It helps you know the leaking, plumbing and electrical issues to ensure use safety. Moreover, it would be useful and impressive to educate your kids about electrical safety and precautions in a thermal style.

    To check if home devices are prone to fail

  • To check the potential problems of cars

  • Car is indispensable in daily life. When heading to the destination for a nice holiday, rushing back home for a crazy weekend party or taking your dating partner to spend a romantic night, you’ll never hope that there’s something wrong with the vehicle. Always check the car with the thermal phone, you may find and solve the problems earlier.

    To check the potential problems of cars

    Blackview BV6600 Pro is more than a predictive maintenance tool. It instead opens up a whole new way of looking at the world that will be never considered before. Give you a try to know more about the power of thermal imaging.

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