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The longest-lasting thermal-powered work phone: Blackview BV6600 Pro

2021-09-26 788 161

The best smartphone for workers who work in tough environment.

Speaking of a work phone, those with a thermal imaging camera without a doubt grab the top spot. They are handy for a variety of inspection work, like detection for electrical failure, gas leak, pipe leak, automobile malfunction, ventilation issue, etc.

Useful as it is for work, it supports your communications, browsing, gaming, and socializing as well without needing to accessing to another device. Everything can be done on the very same phone -- this is perfect -- however, the battery life is a concern. Any casual phone usages are battery-draining, which could get you back to work with the juice running out already.

Blackview BV6600 Pro

If this is a problem ever concerned to you, the 2021 latest Blackview phone BV6600 Pro, the longest-lasting, most economical thermal camera smartphone, has hit the market to answer your call.

The BV6600 Pro -- one of the best Blackview phone -- is the third rugged phone from Blackview equipped with an integrated FLIR Lepton® thermal imaging camera, which lets you see and measure heat. Coupled with FLIR's MSX® technology, it merges thermal and visible images to achieve the industry’s highest level of image detail and information.

It also includes the MyFLIR® application that enables detailed image analysis and reporting right from the phone. Meanwhile, as a serious ruggedized smartphone(Standard configuration: IP68 & IP69K waterproof and MIL-STD-810G certified), the BV6600 Pro has outstanding resistance to water, drops, shock, and daily abuse that cannot be matched by a mainstream device in a case, which is more than reliable for inspection work, field work, as well as outdoor lifestyle.

  • More tough phones for builders and other workers are available in Blackview official store.

  • Different from any other thermal peers in the market, the Blackview BV6600 Pro houses a gigantic 8580mAh battery, 53% above average capacity, which lets the user make the most of thermal imaging benefits and outdoor lifestyle.

    Thermal checking by BV6600 Pro

    According to the official data from Blackview laboratory, the BV6600 Pro’s standby time is up to 430 hours (18 days) with 4G/WiFi on, and up to 792 hrs (33 days) with 4G/WiFi off. More data of specific uses are listed below:

    BV6600 Pro Battery Life

    To deliver the best massive-battery device experience possible, without compromise, the Blackview BV6600 Pro adopts the cutting-edge dual electric cores technology, instead of the traditional single core for safer and carefree use.

    With everlasting stamina erupted by the vigorous 8580mAh battery beast, the BV6600 Pro can rock your whole day fabulously without the hassle of finding a power socket. No matter how hard you play with your device, you can still count on it with sufficient juice when back to work.

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  • Thermal checking on vehicles

    As an advanced, non-invasive technology, the BV6600 Pro's thermal camera allows the inspector to show the client things that can’t be revealed using conventional inspection methods, with the help of thermal images. It will leave your client with the confidence that they made the right decision to hire you. Otherwise, they’ll wonder what they paid for and whether they should get a second opinion.

    The value of a long-lasting thermal imaging cell phone is tremendous. If you're interested in the Blackview BV6600 Pro, here's a piece of good news for you -- it has an early bird offer with a $160 off discount -- get one for only $239.99 -- until October 5 PT. Don't miss it. Click here to buy it now.

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