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Difference Between PDAs and Tablets

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Let's take a good look at both tablets and PDAs to help you decide which computing device is optimal for your use case.

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Technology is expanding wings every day and we see more and more innovations, especially in the computing world. When we talk about mobile computing, different facilities are getting benefits from tablet computers and PDAs for data collection.

Unfortunately, not many people know which device they should be using for their setting. It is partially because there is not enough research regarding these devices and partially because people themselves don’t try to know the difference. However, it is vital that you must know the differences between these mobile computing devices.

The possibility is that you might be using the wrong device type for your facility. Or, you may choose the wrong type because of your unawareness, if you are looking for the one. Today, you will learn about what makes these two devices different from one another. Going through this information is important as it will help you decide which device you need.


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  • Primary Difference between PDAs and Tablets

    Before we move on and discuss these two devices in detail, we would like to tell you the primary difference between them. It should help you create a better understanding by knowing the basics before you deep dive into the information.

    A tablet PC is a computing device that is something in between a cellphone and a computer. On the other hand, the PDA is like your personal assistance, combining various tools, like a computer, the internet, networking, and phone together for an easier life.

    Now, let’s take a good look at both tablets and PDAs to help you decide which computing device is optimal for your use case.


    1. Tablets

    A tablet computer is a computing device that works as a portable mobile flat network. It means that tablets can work in situations where you need the functionality of a cellphone or a laptop, instantly.

    Tablet computers are thin touchscreen devices than other types of devices. Tablets are versatile products with colour display, a rechargeable battery, and processing circuits. An interesting thing about tablets is that these devices are the cost-efficient replacement to other parent devices. They are small size devices without a physical keyboard.

    Tablets are smaller than notebooks, but they are bigger in size than Smartphones. Therefore, they fall between a smartphone and a notebook in terms of size. We saw the release of the very first tablet back in 2010 when Apple produced their iPad. After that, the tablet computer market becomes famous so quickly. Today, we have various tablet computer companies manufacturing various models. Usually, tablets come with operating systems, such as Android, Windows, and Mac.

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  • Tablet computers come in different types, the slate-type being the most common one. The size of slate tablets can be between 6" to 10" -- here is the 10 inch 4g tablet pc for your reference -- while mini tablets come in a range of 7" to 8". Then, we also have Phablets that you can buy with a screen size of around inches. We also have gaming tablets that gamers can buy for gaming purposes. These tablets come with enhanced graphics and performance for gamers.


    2. PDAs

    PDAs, also called Personal Digital Assistants, are also small size computing devices. In a small size, these devices combine the functionalities of devices, like a computer, internet & networking, fax, and telephone in a single place.

    These devices are also known as hand-held computers or palmtops. In their initial stages, Personal Digital Assistants also had pen support to use instead of a keyboard or touchscreen. It made possible features, such as voice recognition and handwriting recognition. Apple is known to produce the very first such device in 1993. Following that, many other companies followed it.

    Such tools were very popular before the invention of touchscreen devices and cellphones. But gradually after, their popularity became less and many companies producing Personal Digital Assistants became bankrupt.

    Several companies stopped the production of new models after 2010 after the introduction of tablets. One of the key features of these devices is the touchscreen. It has a virtual keyboard and people, later on, were using the pen and their fingers for using screens.

    Small size memory card support was another part of the PDA package to complete the system. These devices were compact enough so that people can easily fit them in their hands.

    Key Differences: Tablets vs PDAs

    We have talked about the primary difference between PDAs and tablets. We also discussed personal digital assistants and tablets to help you create a better understanding. Now, let’s take a quick look at the key differences between the two mobile computing devices for a clearer concept.

    1. A tablet (tablet PC) is a device that works as a portable mobile flat network. The Personal Digital Assistant is a combination of tools, like a phone, internet, networking, and computer to ensure convenience.

    2. A tablet’s main parts include a rechargeable battery, processing circuit, and colour display like a smartphone. The basic parts of a Personal Digital Assistance include a pen, SD card, battery, screen, and keyboard.

    3. Apple produced the very first iPad (tablet) and the PDA in 2010 and 1993, respectively. After 2010, tablets started to become more and more popular.

    4. Tablets are available in different types, such as mini tabs, slate, gaming tablets, business tablets, and Phablets. After 2010, most Personal Digital Assistants companies stopped the production of new models.

    5. PDAs are small enough to easily fit into the human hand, whereas a table is available in sizes from 5" to 12". The size of tablets varies according to different models.


    To complete many computer-related tasks, we require different mobile computing devices these days.

    For tech guys, convenience is the most important thing in whatever device they need. Personal Digital Assistants and tablets are two highly reliable mobile computing devices that they can use to simplify many complex tasks even on the go. Tablets are the latest devices that have become essential for both domestic and commercial users.

    To choose between a PDA and a tablet, you should focus on your actual needs or requirements. This should help you decide the best device for your use.


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