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Best budget tablet with stylus(BV pencil)

2022-08-17 3249 3

Blackview Tab 10 Pro

The best low budget alternative (Blackview Tab 10 Pro with pen) of Samsung 10-inch tablet Tab A8, with more powerful processors and higher 8+128 RAM+ROM combination, as well as long battery life and fast charge.

Note: If you are interested in Blackview Tab 10 Pro with pen, please inquire this email: Joanna@blackview.hk

Process powerfully whatever throws on the Tab 10 Pro, such as running multiple apps and switching them at the best responsiveness and fluidity, with the octa-core MTK processor featuring superior data computing and image processing speed.

This fast charging tablet adopts a high capacity battery and saving-power technology, provides 4.3 hours on watching videos, 4.4 hours on playing games, and 16.8 hours on listening to music. And fully charge the device in a shorter time thanks to come with 30W fast charge. It is the best Chinese tablet with the most affordable price you can find in the market.

Google Widevine powered, at the highest security L1 level, Blackview Tab 10 Pro can play content at the highest possible resolution from leading streaming services such as Hulu and YouTube. Enjoy the best viewing experience.

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  • Create whenever inspirations strike by using a pen (BV pencil). With BV pencil, write, draw or doodle naturally and smoothly like with a pencil on paper. It goes side by side with every stroke at ease to boost your creativity and productivity.

    Throw in a 1920*1200 high resolution FHD+ display screen with narrow bezels to bring a broad horizon with clearer and true-to-life details in every frame. And the 8.8 mm thickness takes up less space of your bag. Learn more.

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    Interested in this best cheap Android 11 tablet with stylus? Here is the query email: Joanna@blackview.hk

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