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How many watts is the highest fast-charge of phones today

2022-08-02 913 1

The fast-charge has become one of the big selling points of a cell phone, as it brings convenience to our life. With the development of the fast-charge technology, the charging power has been increased from 5W to over 100W today. So, how many watts is the highest fast-charge nowadays? The answer is, 240W.

The fastest wired fast-charge

240W is the highest wired fast-charge watts nowadays, 200W fast charge was announced by Xiaomi first, but not mass-produce on Xiaomi phones first. There is only one smartphone own 240W fast-charge in the world nowadays, it is Realme Neo 5. The other lower fast-charge include 200W, 150W, 135W, 120W, 80W, 65W, 33W and more. Here is the world's fastest charging phone list for checking out.

The fastest wireless fast-charge

120W. It was first announced by Xiaomi. But there is no company mass-produce the 120W wireless fast-charge smartphones yet. More about wireless charging: 1. The advantages and disadvantages of wireless charging. 2. The history of wireless charging.

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