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What does heart rate monitor do & how does it work on smart watch?

2022-07-26 367 0

When we are talking about smart watch, we can see almost all brands' products are equipped with heart rate monitoring. In fact, it is not surprising since there are more and more people start to concern of their healthy. Heart rate monitoring is help for monitoring healthy, it is one of the good healthy assistant.

What does heart rate monitoring do?

Everyone has different heart rate, but the normal value of heart rate should be remained within a certain range, with heart rate monitoring, we can detect if our heart rate data over or less than the normal value, to anally if the heart get some problem.

How does heart rate sensor measure on smartwatch

The heart rate sensor is in the back of the watch, wear it and keep the sensor get close to the skin, turn on heart rate monitoring on the watch, then it works. Tips: The data will change by following your heart rate speed. The deviation of the measurement value will be larger for those have thick hair on hands.

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  • The level of the heart rate monitoring smart watch

    Generally speaking, there are two type of heart rate monitor smartwatches in the market, one is medical grade, one is non-medical grade. The most products we saw in the market are the latter, such as Blackview smart watch.

    Which brand's smartwatch reach the medical grade?

    There are like Huawei, Samsung, Apple Watch and more.

    Is the non-medical grade heart rate monitoring smart watch reliable?

    The heart rate data from the non-medical grade smart watch, cannot be used as a 100% basis, but it can be used as a reference.

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