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Blackview BL5000, a Smart Phone Built for Brawl Stars

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Try something new, the global first leap-forward 5g rugged gaming smartphone BL5000 from Blackview, brings you different feels.

Brawl Stars, released on December 12th, 2018, has built its enormous global base in the past four years. It has triggered fervent discussion over its hero tier list that changes with evolving meta.

Blackview BL5000, a Smart Phone Built for Brawl Stars

According to Mike Stubbs, a writer, “The best way to describe Brawl Stars is to almost imagine if Clash Royale and Overwatch were merged together.” For those who are into the game would know that Brawl stars is a multiplayer online battle arena and third-person hero shooter video game.

Therefore, having a suitable mobile phone that is built to respond to your quick movements in the game so as to achieve success, becomes crucial for each Brawl Stars player.

But with so many phones that claim to be made for Brawl Stars, which should we choose? Here is what we choose and test today——Blackview BL5000. Let's find out how it performs with Brawl Stars.

Downloading and Launching Speed

Downloading Brawl Stars in 5G gaming phone BL5000 only takes seconds under 5 G network, while launching the game only takes six seconds.

Screen Fluidity

But those figures could be slightly different due to different network connections. When the game is launched, looking closer at the 6.36 inches 1080*2300 FHD+ screen of BL5000, you would be amazed by its top-notch 400 pi density.

Every animation and game effece comes into life and every game scene would be presented to you with its original color and shape, letting you truly immerse yourself into the brilliant virtual world.

With FPS reaching 60Hz during Brawl Stars Gaming, Brawl Stars journey is remarkably buttery-smooth as each frame is an epic.

Average FPS(Frame Per Second) During Brawl Stars Gaming

Gaming Performance

BL5000 is highly responsive when it comes to tapping on the red joystick to quickfire and dragging on the blue joystick to move. That owes much to the MediaTek Dimensity 700 processor built inside BL5000 5G phones.

The Dimensity 700 features 7nm technology that makes it 28% more power efficient than an equivalent 8nm process. Additionally, thanks to the MediaTek Dimensity 700, users would experience flagship-class gaming performance while playing Brawl Stars as its HyperEngine gaming technologies help improve the responsiveness, connectivity, experience and ultimately your in-game competitiveness.

More than that, the GPU is equipped with a whopping 8GB RAM and 128GB ROM so you can swiftly start Brawl Stars or switch between the game and other apps without latency.

Cooling System

Moreover, what is found more surprising is that after an hour of Brawl Stars gaming, there isn't much temperature increase of BL5000 with the phone's temperature only reaching 34.8 ℃, a slight increase that would not be easy to notice with hands.

That means, with BL5000, you would certainly not suffer from the discomfort of hot hands which is an undesirable experience for any game lovers.

With an inside 3D copper pipe liquid cooling system, BL 5000 can reduce CPU temperature by as much as 8.5 degree. Thus, having BL5000 as your reliable partner to play Brawl Stars, you can always feel at ease during your moment.

Temperature After an Hour of Brawl Stars Gaming

Battery + Charging Cable

According to statistics, after a full charge, BL5000 can keep going for 9-10 hours non stop with Brawl Stars. An hour of gaming only consumes 11% of battery, while 12 minutes of charge during playing could fuel the battery by 15%.

With a 4980mAh large capacity battery, Brawl Stars gamers get uninterrupted gaming time for many hours with a single charge.

More importantly, 10 minutes of charge can refill the BL5000's battery up to 22%, making return to the battlefield very quick. Apart from that, BL5000 is designed with an ergonomic L-shape charging cable so playing Brawl Stars while charging without letting the charging cable impact your performance on the game becomes possible.

Battery Changes after an Hour of Brawl Stars Gaming

Sound Quality

To enhance gaming experience, BL5000, designed with 1217 super-linear speaker and 0.9cc-equivalent speaker chamber, produces Smart PA large volume of a wide range, contributing to headphone-like symmetric audio sound as one can hear from the video.

In the test, the volume of the phone reaches 84.0 decibel when tested from 5 cm of distance and 77.2 decibel from the distance of 15cm, which means the sound is pretty loud and clear. That definitely helps you get more immersive gaming experience.

Resistance to Emotional Drop During Gaming

For emotional Brawl Stars gamers, losing games or minor gaming failures like tapping the red joystick but missing the best chance to attack enemies may cause negative behavior like throwing away the smartphone to give full vent to game-losing rage.

However, such action would soon be regretted as not every smartphone is tough enough to withstand violent drop. But with rugged phone BL5000 in hands, worries like those can be totally dismissed because the phone is built to be immune to drop with fine drop-proofness up to 1.5m in height and MIL-STD 810G certification.

That means people who tend to get furious after losing games should find BL5000 their ideal option as a gaming phone. One could always trust BL5000 in surviving no matter deliberate or accidental phone dropping since it makes each gaming journey rue-free.

BL5000 drop proof

Above All, BL5000 is undoubtedly the phone built for Brawl Stars. Be it battery consumption, temperature changes or fluidity, BL5000 is qualified in assisting you in achieving success while still ensuring the comfort of viewing or hands. For anyone who loves Brawl Stars and happens to look for a budget phone, BL5000 is surely your right pick.


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