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The Best 5G Phones for rude use in 2023

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Here is the best 5G phones list, which have been ready for rude use.

It is not easy to find a favorite handset that save yourself a nice stack of cash without sacrificing too much in the way of performance. Are you looking for the best 5G phones for rude use in the market? Then you are in the right place.

The best phone for heavy usage, has undergone stringent tests to ensure it meets military standards and can thus withstand extreme temperatures, immerse, shocks and more. It can have survived where other devices could not. In other words, it has been ready for various of abuses.

For careless people, the 5G phones with cold-, drop-, shock-, dust-, and water-resistant, are the best 5G phones that they are expected. In addition to come with excellent protection ratings against cold, drops and water, but also the battery life is excellent. Thus, the users do not need to charge the device frequently.

Blackview, is such a professional brand that offer the best 5G phones for rude use.

What are the best 5G phones for abuses?

The iPhone 13 Pro Max appeared in the list of the best 5G phones rankings, thanks to a big battery that helps fuel longer battery life than before. However, the poor antenna signal is precisely the Achilles heel of the iPhone.

The 5G is not actually equal to 5G, this is the review from so many people who have experienced iPhone. Nonetheless, iPhone 13 5G phones sales are still good. But iPhones are not fit for abuses.

The best 5G phone for rude use, which save yourself a nice stack of cash without sacrificing too much in the way of performance, was produced and supplied by Blackview, these type of products are available at Blackview global phones store.

The best 5G phones list you can buy online

1. Blackview BL8800 Pro

The best 5G phone with Thermal Imager you can buy.

Screen Size: 6.58 Inches
Screen Material: Gorilla Glass
Battery Capacity: 8380 mAh
Main Camera: 50.0MP
Processor: Dimensity 700
RAM+ROM: 8+128
OS: Android 11
Fast Charging: 33W
Other: Glove Mode

Meet Blackview BL8800 Pro. BL8800 Pro is the best 5G phone with thermal imager at most affordable price. It is one of the best lower budget substitutes of Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro and CAT S61 ruggedized phone.

Throw in a 8380 mAh massive battery plus 33W fast charge, as well as power-saving technology to ensure the device lasts longer (three times of iPhone 12 battery life) and has faster charge speed. It is one of the best long lasting big battery phones you can buy today.

This new phone was launched by Blackview in 2023, adopts 90Hz display screen, and 50.0 AI main camera, equipped with 8GB LPDDR4X fast RAM memory and 128GB ROM storage. From viewing experience to shooting experience, from battery life to running, it excels well in almost all areas.

2. Blackview BL8800

Best 5G phone with 'night-vision eyes'.

Screen Size: 6.58 Inches
Screen Material: Gorilla Glass
Battery Capacity: 8380 mAh
Camera: 50.0MP AI camera + 20.0MP IR camera
Processor: Octa-core
RAM+ROM: 8+128
OS: Android 11
Fast Charging: 33W
Other: Glove Mode

BL8800 is also one of the best substitutes of Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro ruggedized handset, as this best 5G phone performance well in almost all areas than the XCover Pro. And also, BL8800 comes with lower price. Read the comparison here.

Throw in a 6.58 inches big display screen and 90Hz high refresh rate, provides good viewing experience on such as gaming and browsing. Adopts the latest power-saving technology and a massive battery, provides longer-lasting battery life.

This 5G support phone performance well on many games such as Asphalt Nitro, football game and more. Besides, you can use it to detect spy camera (how to find hidden cameras?) in the public place like hotel.

3. Blackview BL6000 Pro

A good 5G camera phone, -30℃ cold-resistant.

Screen Size: 6.36 Inches
Screen Material: Gorilla Glass
Battery Capacity: 5280 mAh
Main Camera: SONY 48.0MP
Processor: Dimensity 800
RAM+ROM: 8+256
OS: Android 11(OTA)
Fast Charging: 18W

For those people who live in the cold weather almost all year around, the best device for cold weather is what they need. The BL6000 Pro 5G phone comes with -30℃ IceMode, which the basic functions are available even at -30℃.

The 6.36 inches 19:9 classic scale screen, plus 12.8 mm thickness, provides simple, fashion, light and thin into a ruggedized handset. The SONY 48.0MP rear-facing camera provides good capture experience. From performance to battery life, to shooting, this 5G phone is worth the money.

The best 5G support phones supplier

The new generation of communication technology is 10 times faster than 4G.

Human beings have never stopped exploring science and technology. In the communications industry, 5G phones are the achievements of technological change.


Do more on Blackview Unlocked 5G Ready Phones

  • Take photos under the water
  • Drop-proof and Dust-proof when outdoor
  • Normal use in severe cold weather
  • Normal use in hot weather
  • Take the best selfie outdoors
  • Ultra-wide angle on Blackview latest 5G support phone

Take photos under the water

Come with the IP68 & IP69K waterproof grade, enjoy yourself to take photos underwater.

In the water, the Underwater mode lets you press side buttons to control shooting even if the screen touch shall be disabled under water pressure.

Drop-proof and Dust-proof when outdoor

Blackview 5G ready phones are come with MIL-STD-810G or the higher MIL-STD-810H military grade certified, the rugged military grade phone comes with waterproof, dust-proof, and shock-proof, calmly respond to the challenges of various harsh environments when outdoor.

Normal use in severe cold weather

The normal smartphone will work slowly or don't work in severe cold weather, that means most basic functions are not available any more, but Blackview's rugged 5G phones will change the situation.

That's why Blackview 5G outdoor handsets are very suitable for users in European countries. Besides, they are offered with the best budget price, even ordinary families can afford it.

Normal use in hot weather

In addition to having super cold resistance, the devices also have super heat resistance. Even high-temperature outdoor operations will not affect the normal operation of the device.

Take best selfie outdoors

Excellent Selfies at both bright and dark lighting conditions.

Samsung® S5K3P9SP 16MP front camera combines with Samsung® Tetracell™ technology for increased light-sensitivity to enhance image quality in both bright and dark lighting conditions. So as to provide you with a more perfect selfie.

Ultra-wide angle on Blackview 5G capable phones

With Blackview 5G capable phones, example with BL5000 model, it lets you zoom all the way out to the unprecedented 125° ultra-wide angle for even wider landscape/group photography.

When you participate in party and other group activities, you can use the ultra-wide-angle camera to take satisfactory photos.

Latest Model ready for 5G

Latest best budget 5G model BL5000 for gamer.

Blackview BL5000 - Global first best budget leap-forward rugged gaming phone with dual 5G SIM slot. Playing games, underwater shot, the best selfie, group photography, subvert your view of the rugged smartphones.

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  • All models list

  • BL5000 Dual 5G
  • BL6000 Pro
  • BL8800 Pro
  • BL8800

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