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What Is Gorilla Glass? Why do I need a device with Corning glass screen?

2021-09-14 815 0

Make a smartphone screen stronger.

Sources: cnbgear . What Is Gorilla Glass?

As its name implies, Gorilla Glass is a type of sturdy glass that can survive the damage made by three gorillas or at least one gorilla.

According to Alex Colon, a writer from PCMag, “Gorilla Glass is based on a completely new glass composition than iterations past, with durability enhancements developed at the atomic structural level. With what Corning (the glass’ manufacturer) calls “Native Damage Resistance,” Corning Glass provides more scratch resistance, reduced scratch visibility, and better retained strength once a scratch occurs.

Basically, this glass is tough as nails.” That’s why many rugged phone manufacturers opt for Corning Glass in making the screen, as does Blackview. There are different types of Gorilla Glass ranging from 1 to 5. While many rugged opt for Corning Glass 4, Blackview rugged phones are made of Corning Glass 5, making themselves tougher than most rugged phones.

If you inspect the specifications of BV Series Ruggedized Phone, you would notice that most of them such as BL5000, BL6000 Pro, BV5100, BV6600, BV6300 and more are made of Corning Glass so as to ensure their ability to remain intact after unexpected damage resulting from dropping them onto hard rock, into a muddy puddle or a small brook.

Therefore, you could always trust the Blackview's BV series ruggedized phone for its toughness to survive. But do remember that much as Blackview claims its smartphone to be drop-proof, they are not unbreakable and there are few things you should be aware of during the use of BV series ruggedized phones. Nevertheless, the post of “Things You Should Be Aware of about Blackview Tough Smartphone” you shouldn't miss.

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