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CAT S61 vs. Blackview BV9800 Pro: Which is better?

2021-11-15 948 0

To compare which phone is worth to buy, we cannot judge from price only. Agreed? We should also consider other important options like quality and configurations. Suppose that you are planing to buy the CAT S61 rugged smartphone, but you have not compared with other related model. Suggest you take a few minutes to read this post.

S61 Compare With BV9800 Pro at Three Main Options

Price Compare

The price of CAT S61 at CAT official site is $729.00 USD, and the price of Blackview BV9800 Pro at its official site is $369.99 USD. The price of S61 is about double times of BV9800 Pro. Then, does S61 really worth the money? Just keep reading.

Quality Compare

CAT phones are produced by the foundry, and Blackview has its own factory which owns first-class technical engineer team and advanced producing machines. Therefore, Blackview can keep producing cheap price and high-quality products.

Configurations Compare

CAT S61 vs. BV9800 Pro

Both models are come with thermal imaging camera which supplied by FLIR company.

As you can see from the picture, BV9800 Pro performs better than CAT S61 in the main configurations, includes processor, RAM & ROM storage, camera, and battery. Equipped with MediaTek Helio P60 Octa-core strong processor, which is the same level with Qualcomm SD660, and SD660 is stronger than SD630.

With 6 GB big RAM and 128 GB ROM, which is better than the S61's 4+64GB configuration. With SONY 48MP rear camera and 16MP front camera, also better than CAT S61's 16MP rear camera and 8MP front camera. And the 6580 mAh ultra-large capacity battery is over about 45% capacity than CAT S61.

By comprehensively comparing CAT S61 and BV9800 Pro(specs) unlocked phones, which one is more worth to buy, we believe that you have the answer in your mind.

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