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FLIR APP is Built in Blackview FLIR Smartphone

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Thermal imaging is very widely used and can be used frequently in our daily lives. For example, to check the indoor temperature distribution, to check the potential problems of cars, to check whether the food is gone bad, etc. Check out more uses in daily lives.

Therefore, thermal imaging is not only used by workers in specific industries. We can also use thermal imaging to solve some problems and bring some fun in our daily lives.

Do I need to install FLIR APP on Blackview FLIR smartphone?

When you get a Blackview thermal camera phone, it is very easy to use the FLIR function. You do not need to download and install the FLIR APP from Google Play Store or any other place, because the Blackview FLIR smartphone has built in a professional FLIR APP, just open the APP and use it.

To check the potential problems of vehicles in advance, and resolve the issues as soon as possible.

What FLIR smartphone does Blackview offer?

There are four models till May 2022, which are BL8800 Pro(5G model), BV9900 Pro, BV6600 Pro, and BV9800 Pro FLIR smartphone. BV9900 Pro is the fastest and highest price thermal smartphone among the three models, and BV6600 Pro is the global first best budget thermal phone you can buy today.

They are come with built-in FLIR APP, and the thermal cameras are supplied by FLIR company. They are the most practical outdoor smartphones thanks to come with thermal imaging function. And they are available in Blackview global phones store.

Is it better if I download another FLIR APP?

That's not a good idea even if there is the platform offer FLIR APP download service, because the built-in FLIR APP was created by FLIR official. It will provide you with the most reliable guarantee.

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