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10 inch Tablets with SIM

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When you are looking for the high cost-effective device, Blackview has produced it for you. Enjoy smart life by using the Blackview products.


Blackview Tab 8 SIM+Wifi 4GB+64GB 4G Tablet

Blackview Tab 10 Slim 4GB+64GB 10 inches 4G Tablet

Blackview Tab 9 Android 10 4G Tablet PC

Tablets designed at 10.1 inch

The best viewing and holding experience you can get.

To get the best viewing experience on watching videos like personal videos, movies, and online learning videos. With Blackview 10 inch tablets, you will be able to enjoy all this experience.

At the same time, it also provides you with the most comfortable grip.

Slim. Sleek. Stylish

Everything good belongs to you.

Experience fine craftsmanship and aesthetics with the 8.8mm and 8.9mm slim body. Feel the beauty at your fingertips and the elegance in depth.

You can easily put it in your backpack because it will not take up much space. And you can take it proudly into the study room.

Long Battery Life

Huge capacity keep offering the power.

With ultra-big capacity Li-ion batteries, you can keep using these tablets for a long time. Internet surfing, watching HD videos, listening to music, playing games, calling, etc., you can do anything you want to do.

At the same time, the devices adopt temperature control technology to ensure that the battery will not overheat.

SIM Tablets

Supports up to two SIM cards.

Sometimes, you can use it as a replacement for phablet phones. These 10-inch tablets with SIM card slots can do this for you.

2G, 3G, and 4G network are available on the device, with at most two SIM card slots, to meet the needs of those people who have the needs.


One of the best combinations.

The Octa-core CPU combined with 4GB RAM, offer the smooth using experiences. They are the best budget student tablets for distance learning.

Double times storage compare to the 32G tablet. With 64GB ROM, you can store thousands of photos or songs. And up to 128GB external TF card is supported to install in the device.

Good Camera

Take good photos on these 10 inch tablets.

With 13.0 MP rear camera which supplied by famous brand like SONY, these 10 inch tablets with dual SIM offer you with a good shooting experience.

And you can store thousands of pictures thanks to the 64GB storage.

Powered with Android

The latest Android 11 version

The Blackview Tab 8 and Tab 10 are powered with Doke OS_P 1.0 which based on the latest Android 11, and Tab 9 is powered with Android 10 OS.

There are many amazing functions on Doke OS_P 1.0 waiting for you to discover.

Using as notebook

Support connect to the detachable keyboard.

If you need a detachable keyboard, Blackview offer it in the Accessories category.

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