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What phones have built-in thermal camera and free APP?

2022-05-11 35 0

We noticed that there are some friends ask questions online like "Is there a smartphone come with built-in heat camera?", or "what phones have a built-in heat camera", etc. Now let's solve the mystery for you.

What phones have the integrated heat camera?

As the rugged smartphone leader, Blackview has several kinds of rugged ip68 phones that integrated with thermal camera include 5G Blackview BL8800 Pro, 4G 6+128GB Blackview BV9800 Pro, BV9900 Pro(off sale), and the best budget 4+64GB BV6600 Pro. They have undergone stringent tests to ensure they meet military standards and can thus withstand extreme temperatures, shocks and more. With better value and lower budget than the same level products from other brands like CAT.

Is there a free heat camera app?

Yes. The Blackview thermal camera phones come with a built-in heat camera app named MyFLIR, it's free. Users do not need to download from any other sources. The app is very easy to use, just tap the app to get start.

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  • Blackview also provide other featured products like IR night vision camera phone BV8800, BL8800, and OSCAL S60 Pro, and BV9900E - the phone with heart rate monitor, etc.

    The good but cheap rugged phones Blackview has created, don't hesitated to get one for you need.


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