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Best Drop Proof Phones: The high cost-effective rugged smartphones you shouldn't miss

2021-10-26 569 1

Blackview rugged smartphone (some people called it tri-proof phone) has been built to withstand all sorts of abuse from extreme temperatures, moisture, dust, and all sorts of drops and hard knocks while still doing everything you need out of a smartphone. And, it has been diligently tested to make sure that it can handle anything you throw at it.

For those who are looking for the best drop resistant phones with high cost-effective, the Blackview products are exactly what they are looking for. These drop proof products come with different highlights like ultra-big capacity battery, good rear camera, good selfie camera, heat imaging, slim, and so on.

We have carefully selected lines of featured drop resistant devices for checking out below.

Best high cost-effective drop resistant phones you shouldn't miss


Blackview BV6600 provides a long battery life as it comes with 8580 mAh ultra-big capacity battery, with stronger drop proof ability to respond to the challenges of various harsh environments calmly.

You can use it as the power bank thanks to it supports reverse charging, and the MediaTek eight-core CPU processor plus 4GB big RAM, offers you with a smooth experience.

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BV6300 Pro

This slim rugged phone is ready for those who are looking for a drop resistance smartphone with slim body. Come with 5.7 inches display screen and 12.8 mm thickness, make it more closer a normal Android smartphone's thickness.

Come with 6GB big RAM and 128GB ROM, and MediaTek Helio P70 Octa-core CPU, provides a smooth experience. Come with NFC function, you can use Google pay when you are shopping or taking bus.

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BV6600 Pro FLIR Phone

The BV6600 Pro comes with a thermal imaging camera which provided by FLIR company, it's the best budget thermal camera phone you can buy today in the world. Drop resistance, shock-proof, IP68 & IP69K waterproof, dustproof, and MIL-STD-810G military grade certification are built in the device.

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    Besides, it comes with a 8580 mAh huge capacity battery and supports reverse charging. Powered with Doke 2.0 OS which based on the latest Android 11, take you to experience the new features of the new OS.

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    The global first leap-forward rugged gaming phone.

    If you are looking for a smartphone for playing big games which comes with good drop resistant ability, you are in the right place. BL5000 configure with LPDDR4X 8GB ultra-big RAM, ARM G57 MC2 950MHz GPU, and MT6833 super Octa-core CPU processor, provide a very smooth experience on big games like Genshin.

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  • Come with over heat protection system, you can keep playing games without a worry of over heat from the device. The 4980 mAh durable battery keeps offering the power, and replenish power quickly thanks to the 30w fast charging. Besides, the device comes with dual 5G SIM slot, provides you enjoying the fastest network nowdays.

    Come with a good selfie camera and underwater shooting mode, help you keep more beautiful moments.

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    BL6000 Pro

    Designed with a cool and trendy outlook, and come with the metal frame, offer the BL6000 Pro with charming trait. This 5G rugged phone comes with dustproof, drop resistance, IP68 & IP69K waterproof, cold resistant, and MIL-STD-810G military grade certification, calmly deal with the challenges of various extreme environments.

    8GB LPDDR4X ultra-big RAM and 256GB UFS2.1 ultra-big ROM, and MediaTek MT6873(Dimensity 800) Octa-core super CPU, provide a super smooth experience. And the triple SONY (48MP+0.3MP+13MP) rear camera offers you with a satisfied photograph experience.

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    Get Started

    More high cost-effective drop resistant rugged phones for sale, please visit the Blackview official smart phone store. Start your shopping plan on Blackview store right now, to save more budgets.

    Smartphone wholesale in bulk for resellers and wholesalers are also available on Blackview.


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