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The Best Budget Smartwatches for Swimming you shouldn't miss

2021-11-12 1049 3

The cheap but good smart wearables Blackview has created.

Looking for the best budget swimproof smartwatch, and buy it directly from the sources? Then, you are in the right place.

Blackview is the professional supplier which offers cheap but good smart watches. Why it provides the most affordable price as because there is not any middleman to make the difference. All customers, whether they are single-buy buyers, retailers, or wholesalers, will be able to enjoy affordable prices.

Next, let's check out some best smartwatches for swimmer from Blackview, in addition to being waterproof, they also have many useful functions waiting for you to discover.

Best Value Smartwatches for Swimming

Blackview X1

Blackview X1 is a classic design waterproof smartwatch fits for man and woman. With 5ATM Water-resistant, you can wear it to swim in the river. This smartwatch is also come with multi watch faces for selecting, including regular watch face style and digital display style. At the same time, it owns ultra-long battery life, to keep offering the power for a long time.

Besides, it is one of the best budget running watches which owns 9 sports modes. With heart rate monitoring function, report the healthy data to you at any time. Whatever you want it to become a sports watch, or business watch, it can play various roles for you at any time.

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Blackview R3 Pro

Blackview R3 Series

The R3 series smartwatches include R3(Learn more) and R3 Pro(Learn more), are fit for man and lady, and kids. With trendy design and 5ATM waterproof, it's the best value Chinese smart watch for outdoor sports. The two smartwatches both come with 12 workout modes including yoga, cycling, jumping jack, tennis, badminton, etc.

The R3 watch come with 7-days battery life which is less than the R3 Pro, but R3 supports 24 hours blood oxygen level test, and offered with cheaper price. Whatever which one you choose, they are worth the value.

Blackview R8

Blackview R8

This is a waterproof womens smart watch for swimmers, which owns stylish design. Comes with IP68 waterproof grade and tough body, you can wear it to swim in the water at any time you want. The big size digital number display let you easier to check out the data, at the same time, there are multi personalized watch faces for choosing.

It owns an up to 7 to 10 days battery life, you do not need to charge it frequently. With timer and stopwatch function, be able to help you increase your sports skill. By setting the target value on the timer or stopwatch, you will know if you are swum faster than before, thereby continuously improving your skills. The one thing you must pay attention is, don't take it into the hot water as this will cause the water vapor came into the watch.

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Get Started

All these swimming smartwatches are come with much cheaper price than the APPLE watches, but offer such a lot of useful functions. To start your best budget shopping plan on a smartwatch, check out it in Blackview global store right now.

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