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The best value large screen tablet for reading and seniors-friendly tablet

2022-08-16 296 0

The large screen tablet Blackview Tab 13 with long-lasting battery life and TÜV Rheinland Low Blue Light certification, and built-in Eye-protection Mode, is the best device for reading.

Tab 13
Tab 13

The TÜV Rheinland eye preserve certification to help greatly reduce blue light, cause less eye strain, and reduce irreversible harm to eyes in a dim-lit environment or in long-time viewing. From kids to the elderly, from students to office workers, everyone can get the edge from the eye-protected display, whether for work or play, with only one tap on the Eye-protection Mode.

Smarter than the E-reader, the 10-inch tablet comes with the built-in Dark Mode supported with 3 darkness levels and the Reading Mode that turns the display gray to bring out the best reading comfort and readability in any lighting.

Stream, study, and multitask for hours, even unplugged. With a choice of quality, octa-core processors, the Blackview Tab 13 has power to spare. And with a battery that can run the whole day, you can use it just about anywhere.

With simple, trendy, and light and thin design, takes up less space of your bag, lighter than a class book.

Blackview Tab 13, the best value seniors-friendly tablet for reading, don't hesitate to get one, right now! Click here.

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