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Blackview A70 Pro

2021-12-08 430 0

Budget Big Battery King

Blackview A70 Pro as the budget big battery smartphone king in 2021, cheap but good is still its biggest highlight. Trendy design, powerful processor, slim & beautiful body, etc., everything can't be less. Once you own this unlocked smartphone, you will love it.

Blackview A70 Pro Go Further

Long battery life, practical, low budget.

Battery Life

Long-lasting Power for Never-ending Days.

Blackview A70 Pro come with massive battery, provides long-lasting battery life. With high quality battery cell and advanced power save technology, make it go further than the same level products from other Chinese smartphone brands. About the actual battery capacity of Blackview A70 Pro phablet phone, stay tuned.

Powerful Processor

Ready for Most Demands.

Blackview A70 Pro come with powerful processor, provide smooth experience, meet the needs of daily use. Combine with big capacity battery, it is one of the best cheap unlocked smartphones you can buy today. So, what processor will this phablet powered with? Stay tuned.


Light and thin fashion smartphone.

Will it as thin as our A100 ultra slim smartphone? It is well-known that Blackview A series products come with slim body and fashion outlook. How could Blackview A70 Pro be missed? About the thickness of this product, we'll announce it later.


Capture Every Special Moment.

Capture every sparkling moment in life with the Blackview A70 Pro. Combining high-class cameras with advanced algorithms, it turns what you see into stunning shots. With the BSI sensor that helps capture more light for both front and rear cameras, low-light performance is also enhanced. More? Stay tuned.

Fingerprint Unlock

Convenient unlock way.

The fingerprint Unlock is so popular among the smartphones nowadays, how could this new phone missed? Reach the fingerprint sensor area with your finger naturally to make phone unlock simple. Other unlock ways? Stay tuned.


Keep improving user experience.

Blackview A70 Pro will be powered with the latest Doke OS based on Android 11, provides better user experience. Some features of Doke OS are like:

System Manager

Support all-in-one controls such as trash cleaning and battery management.

Clone Phone

Transfer the privacy data safely from the old to the new device.

Game Mode

Clean up RAM to save memory and block popups for interference-free gaming.

Cold Room

Freeze apps to avoid their stealthy background running and save memory.

Screenshot/Long Screenshot

For important messages, make a screenshot or long screenshot and edit it easily.

Dual-window Entertainment

View different contents on the same screen to enable entertaining while working.


Does it the next 5G phone?

The Blackview A70 Pro as the upcoming Blackview phone and the lowest budget big battery smartphone, will it be the next 5G phone? Stay tuned. If you are looking for the best value durable 5G smartphone, our 5G rugged smartphone BL6000 Pro and Dual 5G rugged gaming phone BL5000 are ready for you.


More features are waiting for you to discover.

There are more amazing features waiting for you to discover, and this new smartphone must be one of your best budget options. To learn more features about it, stay tuned.

Get Started

Ready to save budget?

Planning to buy a low budget big battery smartphone? Blackview A70 Pro is one of the best smartphones you shouldn't miss. Don't forget to pay attention to the Blackview's early bird promotion, to get the best discount.


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