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Do you think if Blackview will launch a satellite smartphone?

2022-07-07 310 0

For outdoor adventurers, to own a smartphone with satellite communication function is much better than own a standard LTE smartphone, as the satellite signal provide coverage in many areas where LTE and 5G fears to tread. That means the users can make phone calls in almost any corner of the earth.

Besides, users do not need to pay call charges anymore, and do not need to use the SIM card, you can feel free to make phone calls at any time without concern a call charge produce.

The CEO of the famous electric cars' company Tesla - Elon Musk, had also ever said that Tesla might regarding a move into satellite smartphone area in the future. Tesla Model Pi is such a type of phone in rumors. But, at the moment, as far as we can tell, the Tesla Model Pi remains very much in the realms of speculation.

So, as the well-known outdoor smartphone brand, will Blackview launch the satellite outdoor smartphone in the future? It's very likely. But it probably won't in recent years. The reason is, the satellite smartphones tend to be very expensive to use when compared to standard LTE smartphones. At the moment, the manufacturers can't cut down the cost in this area. Take Tesla Model Pi as an example, you need to cost so much to get a Tesla Model Pi, even if the Tesla Model Pi really launched.

But, nothing is impossible. Maybe one day not so far away in the future, the satellite smartphone is widely used and doesn't cost too much. These all just conjecture, but the real thing is, you can buy the best value outdoor smartphone from Blackview, which include drop resistant phone, the longest battery life phone, heavy-duty smartphone, shockproof phone, dust resistant phone, and cheap waterproof Android phone and more, for choosing. They are available at Blackivew global online store.

Do you expect the coming of the low budget satellite smartphone?

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