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Blackview 2021 Flagship Rugged Phone for Great Game Thrills & Emotion Venting

Gaming gives a sense of accomplishment when getting triumphed or deep frustration and strong conquering when beaten by opponents, which has drawn more and more gamers into the thrilling gaming world. Gaming on an ordinary mainstream smartphone or game-oriented phone is not unfamiliar to us, but it’s not the case for a rugged phone. Blackview BL5000, the 2021 flagship rugged gaming phone, tells a different story among the rugged peers.

Blackview BL5000

In gaming, it’s sometimes unavoidable for your expensive and delicate smartphone to be damaged. You may impulsively destroy it because of failure resulted only from a small mistake made by yourself or your stupid teamates. You may accidentally drop it to the floor when wildly celebrating the PVE triumph. Or it may be smashed by your angry couple and parents because of your game addiction. No matter how you strongly wish it to be tough enough, it’s doomed to break apart. As a ruggedized phone, Blackview BL5000 features military-grade toughness and top resistance to drop, dust and water that would see off any mainstream smartphones. It could be the most reliable gaming partner.

However, gaming at the phone's ruggedness is obviously far from enough. Definitely you won’t sacrifice more game thrills only for the durability. Blackview BL5000 goes further on configuration and specs like no other ruggedized phones, which turn it to easily play hundreds of large-scale graphic-intensive 3D games such as Gensin Impact. Maybe you have the characters equipped with the best artifacts or the weapons, but you still need powerful phone features as strong backing to play the potential of your heros to the fullest.

Whether for building a base to defend the enemies, racing the car to the end earlier or sniping for a triple kill, nobody likes to lag. It’s fairly irritating that when you’re a few steps from winning, your game suddenly freezes and gives no response for even up to a minute, for which of course, you will lose the game. Under the hood, Blackview BL5000 packs the 7nm MediaTek Dimensity 700 with 8GB RAM, UFS 2.2 128GB ROM, dual 5G connectivity and MediaTek HyperEngine, powerful enough to enable smooth gameplay without any latency.

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  • In the heat of the battle, your smartphone will get noticeably overheated with the CPU consumed much, which brings game stuttering or even takes a toll on your phone’s service life. Maybe you can stop your fun and exit the game and wait for a while to cool it down or clear up the excessive background running apps to make gaming a bit faster and smoother. However, nothing is as useful as having a strong cooling system like BL5000’s 3D copper pipe liquid cooling system to dissipate the heat and control the temperature.

    Gaming on a phone is quite different from on a PC as the latter can be charged all the time for non-stop power. A small-capacity smartphone battery requires frequent charging. The power will be consumed rapidly if running demanding titles. What’s worse, the phone only supports slow charging. Overall, you need to be very patient to wait for long until it’s refilled with enough juice to restart your combat. Maybe at that time, it’s hard for you to get into the mood for gaming. BL5000 is alway power-ready with 4980mAh battery and UltraSave mode, 30W fast charge and specialized L-shaped charge cable.

    Actually, not all gamers are gaming for excitement. Maybe you’re collecting all game characters and their exquisite skins, keen on searching for the materials to build the weapons and level up the roles or fascinated by the vivid world or wonderful storylines, etc. Every time you launch the game app, you feel fulfilled. You can start your game journey with BL5000's cool RGB backlit and specially designed Game UI, view splendid sceneries from the 6.36" FHD+ display with 400ppi pixel, hear your favorite voice actors narrating another hints clearly from the 1217 super-linear speaker and immerse yourself with the Game Mode.

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    Overall, Blackview BL5000 satisfies what you expect for the best gaming experience, which will be not inferior to any flagship mainstream smartphones and gaming phones. It will be your perfect rugged game companion to challenge, overcome the loss and fight for the champion in the game.

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