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Get the Best Thermal Imaging Experience on Blackview BV6600 Pro

Recently, Blackview announced that it's launching BV6600 Pro, the most affordable rugged thermal camera phone.

Thermal imaging cameras have found many uses and become indispensable in agricultural, industrial, medical, military, construction, marine sectors, etc. It seems that it’s far from our daily life, but actually not. From checking water temperature to spicing up social life with wonderful thermal photos, thermal imaging cameras also make it. You don’t have to get a professional standalone infrared camera but a thermal imaging camera phone like the BV6600 Pro.

Blackview BV6600 Pro

Interesting Uses of BV6600 Pro Thermal Camera

With an advanced thermal imaging sensor, Blackview BV6600 Pro can be used to make the invisible infrared energy visible up to 25 meters away and measure temperature changes as thermal images or videos. This powerful thermal imager is available with various usages in daily life than you can imagine.

Indoor Uses

We spend most of our time at home especially during the lockdown period. And BV6600 Pro thermal phone will be a reliable partner and always find its place in home uses. Basically, you can use it to detect electrical faults, check whether the warmer is clogged, make sure if the fireplace is broken, locate moisture that creates an environment conducive to mold or make your escape way safer in the fire.

More interestingly, you can find the most comfortable seat in the house, take out the coldest beer or soda in the cooler to enjoy summer parties, search for your naughty pet hidden somewhere in your house, check whether the baby milk is properly warm or figure out if the soup is at its best temperature and ready to serve for dinner.

Outdoor Uses

BV6600 Pro also doesn’t lag behind in outdoor and travel uses. No matter for detecting potential sources of ignition or still-burning fires, bypassing dangerous animals in their visual camouflage condition, checking whether someone is hiding behind trees when for night running, finding your lost camping teammates or diagnosing the malfunction parts inside the car, this thermal camera phone works right. Therefore, it will be a good work phone.

Social Uses

There are more funny usages to be discovered. You can take thermal selfies with your children or couple and impress others with high-tech fashion or record moments such as partying with friends in the thermal imaging style. If you’re active on social media and want to get more fans, post online the unique thermal artworks. BV6600 Pro rugged phone enables you to explore the world in a whole new way. Everything will turn out cool and special.

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  • Basic Know-hows of BV6600 Pro Thermal Camera

    With such practical and unexpected uses, knowing how to use the thermal imaging camera will help you get the most from Blackview BV6600 Pro.

    For equipment or appliances, firstly, capture images of the device that’s prone to fail when it’s in normal operation. Download the images, record with detailed descriptions and temperature alarm levels. Then you can begin the thermographic inspection.

    If the detected temperature is far lower or higher than the normal working temperature, it indicates that the device needs further investigation. Analyze the images with the thermal reporting software so you can quickly make clear the thermal performance of your equipment and better predict when equipment needs maintenance.

    For other uses, it can be simpler. Just point the BV6600 Pro at the objects to be checked and find whether something is wrong. It may not be as accurate as professional imaging devices, but can be a basic reference.

    BV6600 Pro for Vehicle Checking

    Q&As about BV6600 Pro Thermal Camera

    As the infrared thermal imager may be new to most, some frequently asked problems are listed to better know about thermal imaging camera and BV6600 Pro.

    Is thermal imaging dangerous?

    No. Actually, a thermal imaging system will be non-contact, non-invasive and passive. It measures the heat given off by the objects and uses specific software to provide estimated temperature. Thermal imaging cameras won’t emit any form of dangerous radiation and cause no harm.

    Can thermal imaging cameras see through walls?

    No. Walls are thick and insulated enough to block any infrared radiation from the other side. If you point a camera at a wall, it will detect heat from the wall surface. However, if something inside the wall causes enough of a temperature difference such as water leaks and missing insulation, the camera will be able to sense it on the surface.

    Do thermal cameras work through glass?

    No. Thermal imaging cameras don’t generally work through glass. If you were to take a shot out of the window, all you’d get is an image reflecting yourself holding the camera, plus temperature information. This is because glass is a highly reflective material and can filter out infrared information and show reflected temperatures of objects.

    Blackview BV6600 Pro gives a great thermal imaging experience. And before you get it, you can think about how to make great use of the power of thermal imaging.

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