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The 4 Best Outdoor Watches You Shouldn't Miss in 2023

2022-03-14 496 0

Are you interested to own a water-resistant outdoor smartwatch at low budget, to replace the expensive brands like Apple and Garmin? Then you are in the right place.

The watches listed in this guide are come with many practical functions ready for outdoors sports, like water-resistance, sweat proof, swimproof, multi sports mode, heart rate monitoring, etc. The best watch include man watch and lady's watch, come with unique design and long-lasting battery life, and with a comfortable wear, there is no burden on your wrist.

Besides, if you are looking for the best family gift? The durable smartwatch will be one of the best family gift ideas you shouldn't miss. After all, there are so many people who enjoy exercising.

Then, who are they? Are you can't wait for knowing them? Take a few minutes to read the content below, let's dive in.

4 Best Outdoor Smartwatch within $50 You Shouldn't Miss


IP68 waterproof, 10 days battery life.

Replace many Android wearable devices which equipped with IPX5 waterproof grade, X5 comes with higher waterproof grade - IP68, provides stronger water-resistance than the IPX5 device. With 9 workout modes like walking, climbing, running, rower, meet the needs of different users.

With up to 7-10 days battery life of typical daily use, let you walk further when outdoors. The 24 hrs heart rate monitoring function tell you your healthy state at any time, just keep the sensor close to your wrist.

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Best budget man/woman digital smartwatch.

R3 is a casual smartwatch which also fit for children, with cool and simple design, clear and big enough digital number display, provides good visual experience. With 12 workout modes like hiking, cycling, walking, tennis, free training, etc., meet the needs of various of sports tracking.

With 24 hours Blood Oxygen Level & Heart Rate Monitor, report your healthy data to you in any time. It is swimproof, so, you can wear it to swim, to keep it stay on your wrist. In terms of battery life, it comes with 7-day battery life of typical daily use.

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    R7 Pro

    IP68 waterproof, 7-10 days of battery life.

    With up to 23 languages support include English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Russian, Portuguese, and more, users from most countries are able to use R7 Pro. With IP68 waterproof grade, provides swimproof, sweat proof, rainproof, and mud-resistant.

    Comes with 9 sports modes like mountaineering, running, indoor cycle, meets the needs of different sports lovers. With call reminder and text message reminder, stay connected from your phone to your wrist.

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    IP68 waterproof, 24 sports modes.

    The most crazy feature of R5 should be dug out is, it owns up to 12-15 days battery life of typical daily use. Comes with up to 24 workout modes which including most exercise tracking functions, meet the needs of most sport people. The IP68 waterproof grade help against with sweat, rain, water, oil, mud, dust, etc.

    With 1.57" HD colorful display, customizable dials, and only 25g lightweight design, provides it casual, fashionable, and smart. Fit for man, woman, and young people.

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