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What is Theater Mode & how to use it on Smart Watch?

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Theater Mode makes it work if you want to get rid of Ringtone Notification in some specific scenarios.

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When the first time you heard this name, have you ever guessed if we can watch movies with smartwatch through this mode? However, it's just a notification-related setting. If you want to get rid of Ringtone Notification on your watch in some specific scenarios like in the library, Theater Mode makes it work.

What is Theater Mode on your watch?

Actually, this is a setting that can put an end to the sounds and the light notifications coming from your watch’s screen. Repeat again, it's sounds and the light. It is similar to the smartphone's Silent Mode, the difference is when receiving a notification, the smartphone's screen will light up, and the watch won't.

When you don't want your watch to distract others in specific scenarios, like while watching a performance in a dark theater, turn on Theater Mode, that's where it comes in. However, you can still perceive notifications through haptic (vibration), when in Theater Mode.

If you want to check out the notifications, you need to activate the screen.

How to turn on/off Theater Mode on Apple/Android watch?

First, it requires your watch equipped with Theater Mode.

For Android watch, find 'Settings' > 'Notifications', then swipe to find and tap on Theater Mode. Turn off by the same way.

* Android Watch

For Apple Watch, swipe the screen to open the Control Center. Swipe icon list to find Theater Mode icon (the two masks icon), tap it.

* Apple Watch

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