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How to enable or check out Widevine L1 Certification on Blackview Tab 11?

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Widevine Certification

If users want to watch full HD 1080p or higher resolution videos on Netflix and other video APPs, it is required that the device come with Widevine L1 Certificate. The good news for Blackview fans is, its latest upcoming tablet Tab 11 come with Widevine L1 certification. The new product's news are reported from many tech media sites like yahoo, gizmochina, 4pda, and cnbgear tech site, etc. About Widevine certification, we will show you something that you maybe want to know.

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  • How to get and enable Widevine L1?

    The users do not need to install the Widevine certificate, they have no way to get the Widevine certification, as it is dependent on if the manufacturer do cooperate with Widevine. If the manufacturer bought the Widevine certificate for their products, then the products come with Widevine certification. Users can check out it in the device. The details about how to check the certification are listed below.

    How to check Widevine L1?

    Different from previous Blackview tablets, Blackview Tab 11 is equipped with Widevine L1 certification. If users want to check whether the device they get is widevine L1 certified, all they have to do is :

  • Download 'DRM Info' APP

  • To check out the Widevine certification, we need to install 'DRM Info' APP. The first step is, go to the Google Play Store and search the official 'DRM Info' APP, download and install the APP.

  • Launch 'DRM Info' APP

  • Open the 'DRM Info' APP, it will show you a simple device information board, which include three parts.

  • Check out the 'Widevine CDM' option

  • The Widevine grade certification is listed in this option, you can check out it at "Security Level" option. There you will find that Tab 11 is Widevine L1 certified. With all that being said, some may still be confused about what is Widevine? How does it affect tablet experience?

    widevine L1 checking steps

    Actually, Widevine is a popular DRM, which stands for Digital Rights Management. DRM are services that streaming services like Disney+ and HBO, Disney+, Prime Video, Hulu and others used to protect their content from being copied and distributed without a license. Widevine DRM supports multiple levels of streaming quality based on the security levels of the device. There are three security levels, Widevine L1, Widevine L2 and Widevine L3. L3 allows content to be played only at 480p, L2 at up to 540p, while L1 at the highest possible resolution.

    That means Tab 11 is allowed for 1080p streaming quality. So users can enjoy the highest definition video like in a theater without costing an arm and a leg. That should finally address the need of some Blackview users that have long complained about their tablet that does not support high definition videos.

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