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Where to buy OSCAL Electronics products?

2021-11-27 688 151

The cheap but good smart devices OSCAL has created.

OSCAL phones

April 13, 2021, Blackview announced launch its brother brand, OSCAL. And use www.oscal.hk as its official website address.

OSCAL is positioned as a technology brand that targets at product performance, design, quality, and service. With the concept of “Only the Brave”, OSCAL is committed to letting everyone enjoy smart devices with powerful performance and trendy design at a very friendly price.

Where to buy OSCAL smart device?

Till November, OSCAL has launched several electronics products include smartphone and tablet. Can you buy it directly in its official website? Not yet. So, where to buy the OSCAL products online? They now are available in its brother brand BLACKVIEW's official store. You can visit OSCAL official website to check out the products' specs, and make order in Blackview official smartphone store, the products are offered with cheap wholesale prices.

For wholesalers ang retailers from all over the world, smartphone wholesale and tablet wholesale orders are also welcome.

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