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How To Use Infrared Remote Control on Blackview BV9800 Series

2021-10-25 939 3

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Nowadays, smart life has come into more and more families, many smart devices like TV and air conditioner are support IR remote control, in addition to control these smart devices by using an ordinary remote control, we can also use a smartphone to control them.

Blackview BV9800 series smartphones are such the device like this that support IR remote control, it allows you to send commands, via infrared rays, to another device, such as a television, set-top box or stereo that is compatible with IR remotes. Simple and easy to use, easily get started, even for elders and children.

So, how to use the infrared remote control function on BV9800 series smartphones? Let's dive in.

How to use IR remote control on Blackview BV9800 Series

Just follow three steps below:

  • Download an APP
  • Pair with the device
  • Start to control

Download an APP

First, we need to download the IR remote APP, just search the keywords 'IR remote' in the built-in Google Play Store, then choose the Mi remote controller APP and click download.

Pair with the device

Open the Mi remote controller APP, click the "add remote" button, as we can see in the video, the APP has prepared different devices' category for us, we just need to pair with the device by following the tips on the APP. Tips: We can only pair to the device which listed in the menu. If the device you want to pair is not list in the menu, you should try another IR remote APP.

Start to control

When the cellphone paired with the device successfully, you can start to control the device.


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