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How To Shoot a Good Video on a Smartphone?

2021-10-30 337 1

Advice of taking good videos on the smartphone.

Shooting on Blackview BL6000 Pro

It is not easy to take a good video on a smartphone. In addition to the need for a good camera, focus, shooting angle, shooting height, and many other factors affect the final shooting effect.

When you shoot a terrible video with your smartphone, or you don't understand how to photography at all, then you are in the right place. Here is a detailed video tutorial ready for you, and teach you how to take a better video on the smartphone.

Just operate by following the steps in the video and pay more patience, you will take a better video than before. Now, let's try to do it by following steps in the video!

Video Tutorial: How to shoot a video on a smartphone

Below is the video tutorial on YouTube for watching:


  • Keep the phone moving steadily.
  • Move your feet slowly.
  • Take advantage of shelters.

Have a few more times trying, you will get the better way on video shooting. Hope the guide is helpful for you.


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