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How To Use the Dark Mode for Color Comics From Blackview OS?

2021-10-21 400 0

More dark mode's interesting uses are waiting for you to discover.

More and more Blackview products like Android tablets and Android phones come with its own developed OS - Doke OS. One of the interesting functions of the OS is its dark mode. Do you know how many interesting uses of dark mode from Blackview Doke OS?

Color Comic Book

Suppose you have a preference for reading comic books, and suppose you are watching color comics, and then suppose you are using a Blackview smartphone, do you know the magical function hidden in it - turn color comics into black and white mode - dark Mode?

How To Set the Dark Mode From Blackview OS?

You only need to perform simple settings on the Blackview smart device to achieve the conversion from color to black and white.

Below is the operation video for checking out.

Following as the video, the 'Dark Mode' is listed in the menu, just swipe the menu to the left to the second page, find the corresponding icon, and tap it to complete the setting.

Is the operation very simple? Start your comic journey now!

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