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The best phone for internet web browsing on a budget

2022-11-04 627 0

What decided the experience of web browsing while you use a smartphone surfing on the internet? One of the most important factors is the screen refresh rate. Other minor factors are like screen size, screen resolution, the clarity of screen and more. What is screen refresh rate?

The refresh rate of your display refers to how many times per second the display is able to draw a new image. This is measured in Hertz (Hz). The lowest refresh rate value that human beings' eyes can accept is 60Hz. The higher the refresh rate, the smoother the browsing experience. Here is the comparison video of iPhone 13 120Hz vs 90Hz vs 60Hz for watching.

The common refresh rate on a phone in the market are, 60Hz, 90Hz, and 120Hz. And the 144Hz refresh rate is start to appear on some models. So, if you are looking for the best device for web browsing, the big screen phones with high resolution HD screen and high refresh rate, are what you need. Below are the best picks list of the budget high refresh rate phones for you to choose from.

The best budget phones for web browsing


Best iPhone alternative with 90Hz refresh rate.


OSCAL C80(specs) features a 6.5 inches HD+ big display screen without sacrificing too much in the way of hold experience, provides wide enough field of view. The 720*1600 screen resolution provides clear enough picture, and the 90Hz high refresh rate offers you a very smooth browsing experience when surfing on the internet, as well as a smooth gaming experience when playing games.


Adopting trendy, simple, and light and thin design, it is as stylish and slim as iPhone, provides smooth experience and good capture experience thanks to equipped with powerful processors plus fast RAM memory, as well as the 50.0MP main camera. It is the cheapest 90Hz phone and the best low budget iPhone alternative you can find in the market.

8800 Series

The best device for rough use.

Blackview 8800 series
* 8800 Series

8800 Series are rugged phones(what's the meaning of it). They are the devices that pack excellent protection ratings against extreme temperatures, shock, dust and water, and the battery life is excellent. Fit for outdoor adventurers, hikers, cyclists, outdoor workers, soldiers, construction workers, truckers, seniors and more.


This is a good 4G night vision phone, you can use it to take photos in the darkness and detect spy hidden cameras in the public place like hotel. BV8800 features a 6.58 inches FHD+ large display screen, adopts 1080*2408 ultra-high screen resolution, combine a 90Hz high refresh rate, provides a smooth experience for web surfing.

Throw in a 8380 mAh massive battery (3 times of iPhone 12 battery life), plus 33W fast charge to ensure the device lasts longer and has faster speed to fully charge the device. It is not the fastest charging phone in the market, but deserved to be the fast charge king of rugged phones. Support reverse charging, it can be used as the portable power bank for camping.


This is also a night vision phone but support 5G network in Europe. This 5G rugged smartphone has the same web surfing experience with BV8800, but support Glove Mode, which the Samsung XCover Pro also owns it.

BL8800 Pro

BL8800 Pro also has the same web surfing experience with BV8800, support Glove Mode and reverse charging, and this is a 5G thermal imaging smartphone. Thermal imaging comes with many useful and interesting uses in both work and daily life. It can help you find other people through thick smoke in case of fire at home or at work.


If you are looking for a cheap but good phone for web browsing in the market, the best picks list above is what you need. Whatever you are looking for a slim and fashion device or a rugged device, just feel free to pick out your favorite one with your needs. All products are offered with one-year warranty and free shipping to most countries.

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