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Cheapest Best Phone for Students: 5 most worth to buy smartphone

2022-07-15 1517 2

The cheapest best phone for students with limited budgets.

The cheapest and best phone for students has been ready for those who have limited budgets, only need to cost over a hundred dollars (under 16000 Rupees in India) to get your favorite most worth the money mobile. They are not as powerful as iPhone, but have enough processing power for most tasks.


They combine fashionable, light and thin, high-capacity battery, photography, fingerprint unlock, face-unlock, NFC (how to use NFC on Android?), entertainment experience and more, into one device. Meet the needs of most daily use.

They are supplied by the best China electronics company, these cheaper and best Chinese phones meet the needs of those students who have limited budgets, to let more youth people enjoy smart life. The fashionable phablet phone has as simple and stylish design as iPhone and Samsung, and as light and thin as Huawei, but with a big battery. Overall, it is not as powerful as iPhone and Samsung, but is the best cheapest students phone, which has enough processing power for most tasks.

The most reasonable gift for your children who are going to school, is the cheap and best phone for students. Especially for those families have limited budgets, it can save yourself a nice stack of cash without sacrificing too much in the way of performance. It is always a good thing to learn how to spend money reasonably, thus, the best economical phone is the best option of students. We've picked out the best items for you, just take a few minutes to pick out your favorite one.

5 Best Phone for Students in 2022

1. A100

Best phone for students, faster shooting

Display: 6.67" FHD+ Display
Scale: 20:9
ROM: 128GB
Processor: Helio P70
Cores: 8
Size: 166.3*77.6*8.8 mm
Weight: 195g
Android Version: 11.0
Battery Capacity: 4680 mAh
Highlights: Fast shooting, the same 12.0MP SONY IMX362 camera with iPhone

A100 is the fashion phablet's king in the students phones list, which comes with the most powerful performance. This ultra-thin 4G phone has only 8.8 mm thickness and 195g weight (lighter 4 grams than the Xiaomi Redmi 10X), it won't burden you at any time.

With a continuous burst shooting mode of up to 10 frames per second, the A100 delivers the fastest autofocus speed among cheap Android phones, great for capturing action sequences. Thanks to the dual pixel autofocus technology and the closed-loop VCM, A100 autofocus works as fast as 0.03 seconds, allowing you to capture every unmissable moment.

At price under 200 USD (under 16000 Rupees), you could not find the better phone with fast shooting than A100 in the market.

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2. A95

Cheapest best phone for low light shooting

Display: 6.528" HD+ Display
ROM: 128GB
Processor: Helio P70 (2.1GHz)
Cores: 8
Size: 163.7*75.5*8.55 mm
Weight: 195g
Android Version: 11.0
Battery Capacity: 4380 mAh
Highlights: Excellent configurations, low light shooting, light and thin

A95 is the best phone for students, which provides good low light shooting experience. It is also the best substitute of Redmi Note 11 Pro (4+64GB version). In terms of design, creatively combining the all-new ICM process, 8 layers of vacuum nano-optical coating, with the 3D laser texture and dreamlike gradient colors, the back panel achieves a dazzling, glittering, and translucent effects.

With 8.55 mm ultra-thin thickness, as well as 195g body weight, makes it become a veritable light and thin fashion phablet. Adopting greater 8+128GB RAM and ROM combination, as well as the powerful Octa-core up to 2.1GHz processor, provides smooth experience.

What's more, the A95 provides a good low light shooting experience. This phone redefines the clarity for low-light photography. The 20MP Sony® IMX376 sensor is designed for unrivalled low-light performance. Featuring the brilliant light sensitivity brought from the pixel binning technology, capturing the beauties in poor-lit environments can’t be easier.

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3. A55 Pro

Budget king for school

Display: 6.528 inches
Scale: 19:9
RAM: 4GB (up to 7GB)
Processor: Helio P22
Cores: 8
Size: 164.75*76.7*9.2 mm
Weight: 197g
Android Version: 11.0
Battery Capacity: 4780 mAh
Highlights: RAM expansion technology

When you are looking for the best mid-range phones, the A55 Pro is the best budget king you shouldn't miss. As it combines stylish, light & thin, and smooth experience into one. It doesn't cost too much - the price only at 139.99 USD (under 12000 Rupees), so its tricks aren't exclusive to those who can afford it.

To further expand memory without extra cost, Blackview A55 Pro provides Memory Expansion Technology that can compress data and save them in RAM to enlarge memory capacity to 7GB. The best budget students phone A55 Pro gives you an edge to open more apps simultaneously and switch between different apps with ultra-smoothness.

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  • In terms of design, all details, from the water-rippling pattern, fingerprint-proof matte finish, and sleek curves to the fresh colors, work in harmony and bring out the best design style. Besides, the two popular unlock ways -- fingerprint+face unlock -- are available on the A55 Pro. Reach the rear-mounted fingerprint sensor area with your finger naturally to unlock the phone in no time.

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    4. A70 Pro

    Big battery king for students

    Display: 6.517 inches
    Scale: 19:9
    RAM: 4GB
    ROM: 32GB
    Processor: Unisoc T310 (2.0GHz)
    Cores: 4
    Size: 165.2*77*9.6 mm
    Weight: 205g
    Android Version: 11.0
    Battery Capacity: 5380 mAh
    Highlights: Long battery life

    With the pursuit of beauty and aesthetics, the fusion of streamlined curves and smooth finish of lively colors presents the modern stylish look for the A70 Pro. Get immersive visuals with perfect smoothness and responsiveness on the large 6.517-inch waterdrop display. The high-definition resolution brings you true-to-life clarity and vivid colors.

    Live your day freely without worrying about where you can plug in your handset for an extra juice refuel. The far-above-the-average 5380mAh battery has the power that outlasts a day. While retaining a big 5380mAh battery, the A70 Pro is 9.6mm thin and 205g light only, without extra thickness and weight added, making no compromise on the portability.

    At price under 11000 Rupees (129.99 USD), you could not find another students phone with big battery better than A70 Pro. It is one of the good but cheap Chinese phones you can buy in the market.

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    5. A50

    Best phone for students under 11000 Rupees

    Display: 6.088 inches
    Scale: 19:9
    RAM: 3GB
    ROM: 64GB
    Processor: Unisoc T310 (2.0GHz)
    Cores: 4
    Size: 156.4*72.9*8.9 mm
    Weight: 156g
    Android Version: 11.0
    Battery Capacity: 4280 mAh
    Highlights: Ultra-light

    A50 provides bigger & true-to-life vision. A50 is one of the Blackview's latest phones of 2022, show more content in a frame on the large, expansive display for reading, catching up on some tasks, or web browsing without sliding back and forth. HD resolution gives an ideal clear vision.

    From super lightweight and ergonomic rounded curves to refined anti-fingerprint finish and stylish colors, it makes each grip a perfect fit in the palm and a relish for the touch and vision. Equipped with Unisoc T310 up to 2.0GHz Quad-core processor, plus 3GB RAM memory, as well as a 4280 mAh big battery to ensure the mobile lasts longer and has enough processing power for most small games. It is one of the best cheap gaming phones under 11000 Rupees you can buy today.

    In terms of shooting, throw in a 13.0MP Sony® IMX258 rear-facing camera, plus improved photography algorithm, provides not bad capture experience. Every clip in life, from the hilarious travel time to bustle learning hour, is worth a video or photo shoot on the way. Derive immense satisfaction from your photographs in the album gallery.

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    Whatever you are looking for a new phone for yourself or as a gift to present to your classmate, these best budget students phones are available at Blackview global online store. All products are offed with one-year warranty and free shipping to most countries.


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